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AHF News Archive: 2005

12/21/2005 - AHF helps sponsor First Hungarian Christmas in Brooklyn, New York... Initiated by the weekly newspaper and member organization The American Hungarian Word / Amerikai Magyar Szo - A Hid, the event will be held at 12 noon on December 24th at the St. Rosalia Roman Catholic Church (6301 14th Ave.). After the noon mass, a reception will be held. A midnight mass is also scheduled. For more details, [download the announcement]

12/17/2005 - Tennessee Hungarians trying to organize. Please help the Tennessee Hungarian community join forces to preserve Hungarian American culture in the Volunteer State where Hungarian Americans have a long history and Col. Géza Mihalóczy became a Civil War Hero and organized the famed "Lincoln Riflemen." Contact Joe Pinter for more information at: 707bradplbjboro@bellsouth.net and see more Famous Hungarians.

12/2/2005 - AHF urges US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to call attention to Hungarian Minority on her visit to Rumania...

On behalf of the American Hungarian Federation, Frank Koszorus, Jr., submitted a letter to Secretary Condoleezza Rice, on the eve of her trip to Europe that includes Romania, calling attention to the fact that Romania must continue its reforms relative to its Hungarian minority. The Federation’s letter urges Secretary Rice to raise several issues. [read more]

12/2/2005 - Resolution in the House of Representatives to recognize the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution! The American Hungarian Federation applauds Congressman Tom Lantos (D-CA) for taking the initiative to introduce a resolution recognizing the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. The resolution, H. Res. 479, which enjoys the broad support of the American Hungarian community and its various organizations, was referred to the House Committee on International Relations. [read more] and see how to help!

Katrina ReliefUPDATE 11/23/2005 - AHF distributes $4,500.00 in Disaster Relief Funds to Transylvania. The AHF Disaster Relief Fund targets Hungarian disaster victims, currently those affected by hurricane Katrina and Transylvania flooding. Overall, the fund has taken in $6,500.00. Earlier this month, AHF distributed $2000.00 to the Arpadhon (Albany, LA) Hungarian Settlement Historical Society to help them rebuild. The $4500.00 was sent to the mayor of Szekelyudvarhely in the heart of the flood-stricken region. [read more and GIVE!]

The Corvin Koz: Hallowed ground of 195611/23/2005 - AHF 1956 Committee Member Dr. Emery (Imre) Toth meets with Hungary's official 1956 Memorial Planning Committee (1956-os emlékévet elokészíto emlékbizottság) to discuss plans for the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. The Committee is headed by Kosáry Domokos with representatives from four parliamentary political parties. [read more]

Imre Nagy11/23/2005 - AHF's Dr. Emery (Imre) Toth attends revolutionary Prime Minister Imre Nagy Memorial ceremony in Budapest.

Imre NagyAt the invitation of Hungarian President Dr. Laszlo Solyom, Dr. Toth attended the solemn, formal ceremony honoring Imre Nagy and the Heroes of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. On the cold, misty grey Ime NagyHungarian November day, Dr. Toth laid a wreath on the tomb of Imre Nagy who would be executed by Soviet forces. Dr. Toth is himself a 1956 hero and last surviving Secretary of the Revolutionary Committee for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Imre Nagy Government. Read more about the 1956 ceremonies or more about him on [Featured Members]

Hungarian Flag10/28/2005 - AHF spearheads joint letter expressing deep concern over the Hungarian Foreign Ministry’s decision to disclose selected statements taken from classified reports prepared by a former Hungarian Ambassador to the United States in his official capacity. [read more]

Rumanian Senate10/24/2005 - Rumanian Senate rejects minority status law. AHF Issues Statement. Rumanian Senator Paunescu's earlier statement telling Hungarians to "return to the depths of Asia" on September 29th (see the report from MTI) during senate debate on the law has even led the Rumanian government to express concern over nationalist movement in the Senate. AHF issued a statement (in Hungarian) which was read on Marosvasarhelyi Radio in Transylvania. [read more and access the article in Hungarian: A Szenátus elutasította a kisebbségi törvény tervezetét]

Frank Koszorus presents Cong. Tom Tancredo with AHF's Col. Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of Freedom10/20/2005 - Successful 1956 Commemoration, Congressional Reception & Awards Ceremony

AHF kicked off a year of events devoted to remembering the heroes of the 1956 Hungarian Cong. Tom Lantos addresses the audience after receiving AHF's Col. Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of FreedomRevolution at its Congressional Reception held on October 19. Congressmen Tom Lantos (D-CA) and Tom Tancredo (R-CO) were awarded the American Hungarian Federation’s Col. Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of Freedom for their “Leadership in Support of Democracy, Human Rights and Minority Rights in Central and Eastern Europe.” Col. Kovats was a founding father of the US Cavalry. [read more]

CserkeszSPECIAL NEWS: 25 Years of Pastoral Service! Rev. Dr. Bertalan is President Emeritus of the American Hungarian Federation. On September 25th, he was honored by his congregation as he celebrated 25 years of Pastoral service. Rev. Bertalan, in addition to his pastoral work, is a selfless civic and community leader; he continues to serve as a leader of many Hungarian American organizations, including the American Hungarian Federation and the American Hungarian Federation of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Read more about him on [Featured Members] [download the full article]

Csangos10/12/2005 - AHF Gala Dinner to Support Hungarian Schools in the Csango Regions of Transylvania raises $15,000.00. The gala fundraiser was held on October 8th, 2005 in East Brunswick, New Jersey! More details are below. [read more]

Szekelyudvarhely8/30/2005 - AHF establishes Disaster Relief Fund to assist victims of severe flooding in Szekler regions of Transylvania. 100% of proceeds go to victims and programs supporting the rebuilding and relief effort. On Tuesday, August 23, 2005 a huge flood swept through Szekelyland, Transylvania, destroying thousands of homes and causing catastrophic damage and many deaths. AHF needs your help - DONATE NOW! [read more]

SzalagKatrina Relief9/1/2005 - AHF establishes Disaster Relief Fund to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina. Hungarian communities have been part of the Gulf Region for a century. HELP member organizations like the Louisiana Hungarians headed by Dr. Stephen Gargatz and Julia Bika (thankfully, both are safe). 100% of proceeds go to victims and programs supporting the rebuilding and relief effort. - DONATE NOW! [read more]

Kasa8/30/2005 - HAND GRENADE THROWN AT HOME OF SERBIA'S HUNGARIAN MINORITY LEADER...Unknown persons hurled a hand grenade at the Subotica home of Jozsef Kasza (Jozef Kasa), who heads the League of Vojvodina Hungarians, in the early hours of 30 August, the private Beta news agency reported. [Read More]

Bush7/28/2005 - AHF and member organizations spearhead letter urging president Bush to visit Budapest for commemoration of 1956 Hungarian revolution...The letter sent to President Bush suggested that the President consider traveling to Budapest next year to participate in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The document was signed by AHF National, AHF of Washington, D.C., the William Penn Association, the Hungarian Reformed Federation, the Hungarian Club of Colorado, and Eva Szorenyi of the Freedom Fighter's Federation. [read more]


The League of Vojvodina Hungarians announced in Szabadka (Subotica) on 13 July a proposed amendment to the Serbian Constitution that will allow local self-government and a high degree of autonomy in areas where ethnic minorities constitute the bulk of the population, RFE/RL's South Slavic and Albanian Languages Service reported. [read more]

AHF Amazon Store6/28/2005 - www.hungary1956.com goes LIVE! The American Hungarian Federation is sponsoring the Hungary 1956 Portal as part of its goals to coordinate and assist member organizations across the country as it continues plans for kicking off a year of events leading up to October 2006. The 1956 Portal will serve as a central information resource for all things 1956 as our community prepares for this important milestone. The 1956 Portal includes photos as well as audio and video files! [See www.hungary1956.com] [See Washington DC 1956 Committee activities]

6/13/2005 - Two Transylvanian boys attacked on June 2nd, 2005, for "speaking Hungarian" in Marosvasarhely (Tirgu-Mures). Tirgu-Mures, home to Rumanian radical politcian George Funar, has long been known for violent Rumanian nationalism and anti-Hungarianism. [read more]

Szabadka6/10/2005 - "Hungarians should just dance" - Serbian radicals increasing pressure on Vojvodina Hungarian political parties. The Federation of Vojvodina Hungarians held a press conference to discuss efforts at intimidation and fear by radical Serbian politicians. While the violence continues... AHF fears a new Kosovo. [read more]

Trianon Demo6/7/2005 - Trianon turns 85! Demonstrations in NY, Toronto and elsewhere...
Hungarian organizations from New York and Toronto demonstrated to call attention to the unjust Treaty of Trianon in which Hungary lost 2/3 of her territory, half her Hungarian-speaking population and vast natural resources and infrastructure. The New York Polgari Kor demonstrated in front of the U.N. building on June 5, 2005. [read more]

US Congress5/24/2005 - SUCCESS! AHF ACTION ALERT UPDATE on our grassroots action on House Resolution 191 urging the "prompt and fair restitution of church properties by Rumania." AHF wishes to thank ALL those who participated in this successful campaign!

The United States House of Representatives passed a resolution on May 23, urging the “Government of Romania to recognize its responsibilities to provide equitable, prompt and fair restitution to all religious communities for property confiscated by the former Communist government. . . .” [read more]

US Congress6/1/2005 - AHF Applauds US Congress and urges the community to thank the co-sponsors of House Resolution 191...We suggest that letters of appreciation be sent to the sponsors of H. Res. 191 to your Representative. This is a measure which goes beyond mere symbolism and expresses the unequivocal opinion of the United States House of Representatives. [see the model letter]

Cserkesz5/28/2005 - Hungarian Scout's Association competition a great success. The "cserkészek" held their annual competition this year in upper New York's Sik Sandor Boyscout Park. The Hungarian Association of Cleveland under Dr. Nadas Gyula (AHF Member and President Emeritus) donated $75,000 to help build a complex at the Sik Sandor Park.

Time Man of the Year - Hungarian5/23/2005 - AHF's 1956 Commemoration Committee meets at its Washington, DC Headquarters at the National Press Building to continue to work on plans for kicking off a year of events leading up to the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Highlights include a Congressional Commemoration in October 2005 and the "Bank Ban" at Carnegie Hall with Placido Domingo...
[read more]

5/11/2005 - The Washington Times publishes AHF Letter to the Editor - "Mr. Bush, who did not mince words in Riga, should make another highly symbolic gesture to underscore his message that the freedom of small nations should not be expendable." [read more]

US Congress4/8/2005 - AHF ACTION ALERT: House Resolution 191 moves forward urging the "prompt and fair restitution of church properties by Rumania." AHF strongly supports this measure and will continue its efforts aimed at swift adoption.

“We applaud Representatives Tom Lantos (D-CA) and Tom Tancredo (R-CO) for their leadership on an issue that goes to the very heart of democracy, rule of law and minority rights in Romania – the return of religious properties illegally confiscated by the former Communist government,” noted Frank Koszorus, Jr. “This has been a long process, beginning with statements in 2002 by Representatives Lantos, Tancredo and Robert Matsui urging the prompt and fair restitution of properties by Romania and Slovakia and continuing in 2004 when Representative Tancredo introduced a similar resolution that was cosponsored by 15 Members,” he added.

[download the resolution] here or on the right under "Related Downloads. The resolution is available online at www.congress.gov. Select "by bill" and enter "H.Res. 191"

HOW CAN YOU HELP? [read more] [join us!].

AHF4/7/2005 - Successful AHF Meeting on April 2nd, 2005 in Washington, D.C. Over 40 Members came together representing organizations from all over the country at the Marriott Crystal City to review the past year and plan for the future. Highlights included Tibor Purger's synopsis on AHF participation in the Szabadka Forum and Dr. Rev. Stephen Szlagyi's presenation on his organization's charitable activities. SARA has already provided over 30 million dollars of medical supplies and countless services to the poor in former Hungarian territories and around the world. [read more] [join us!]

AHF4/1/2005 -AHF joins statement entitled,"PROVOCATIVE ANTI-MINORITY STATEMENT UNDERMINES DEMOCRACY IN ROMANIA" - As much as we welcome newly-elected President Traian Basescu’s pledge to implement reforms in Romania, we are appalled by former President Ion Iliescu’s shocking statement on March 25 blaming Hungarians of Tirgu Mures (Marosvasarhely) for the violence in March 1990 when ethnic Romanians brought in by trucks viciously attacked ethnic Hungarians who were seeking rights denied them by the dictator Ceaucescu. [read more]


Basescu3/11/2005 - AHF Meets Rumanian President Basescu and urges him to Support Restoration of Church Properties to Hungarian Minority - Rumanian President Traian Basescu kicked off a two-day visit to Washington Tuesday (8 March), with the aim of strengthening the US-Rumanian strategic partnership at the political, military and economic levels. [read more]

BasescuGeorge W. Bush praises Basescu as a "special friend" and "special leader." "Rumania is a 'special ally' because Rumania shares the same values we do: human rights, human dignity, rule of law, transparency in government, anti-corruption." AHF knows the situation is far from Bush's rosy picture, but hopes Mr. Bush's encouraging words bring change to Rumania. Click the Image to see a [LIVE INTERVIEW] on Fox News

Szelmenc3/11/2005 - A Huge Victory! Szelmenc border crossing to open! - A long-awaited border crossing for the divided village of Szelmenc will soon open according to a recent decision of the Slovak government. AHF worked with its member and lead organization in the effort CHACR. CHACR was able to mobilize the American Hungarian Congressional Caucus and the Hungarian American Community to urge Slovakia and the Ukiraine to end this cold-war division. [read more]

Szasz jeno3/10/2005 - AHF and its Washington DC Chapter, set to commemorate the 1848 Freedom Fight on March 12th at American University's Wesley Theological Seminary, Oxnam Chapel. Controversial ethnic Hungarian political figure Jeno Szasz to address the audience. He will discuss issues ranging from church property restitution and anti-Hungarian policies, to the lack of Hungarian-language educational opportunities in Transylvania. The program includes a piano recital, Kossuth poems and song, and a presentation by Hungarian Scouts. All are invited. 2 pm, 4500 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, D.C.

ARE3/3/2005 - The President of the Assembly of European Regions, Riccardo Illy, called on the Serbian government to guarantee the autonomy of Vojvodina. Autonomy for Vojvodina was the hot topic during conference on Regionalism in Novi Sad. [read more]

USDOS3/3/2005 - US State Department's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor Releases Country Report on Human Rights Practices - 2004: Serbia and Montenegro: "there was an upsurge in vandalism and violence against minority ethnic and religious groups in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina.... The targets were mainly ethnic Hungarians and ethnic Croats--the two largest minorities in Vojvodina." [read more]

Trianon Film2/5/2005 - Banned Trianon Documentary makes it's way to the Internet for download and viewing!

Those interested in viewing the controversial film that was banned by the Rumanian AND the Hungarian governments, can now view the film on the Web. Directed by the renowned Gábor Koltay and with internationally respected historians such as Nemeskürti and Raffai, the film has and will continue to spark critical debate. AHF encourages open debate on Trianon and encourages all to review the film - unfortunately this site offers the film in Hungarian only. [Go to film]

BushDid President Bush's inaugural address indicate a change in US attitude toward support for national self-determination and autonomy?

"Across the generations, we have proclaimed the imperative of self-government..."Freedom, by its nature, must be chosen, and defended by citizens, and sustained by the rule of law and the protection of minorities." [Read his speech]

AHF applauds such language and hopes these words can be made policy for ethnic Hungarian communities struggling for survival.

Related Story:

NGO CALLS FOR ACTION ON KOSOVA'S INDEPENDENCE... The International Crisis Group (ICG) said in a 40-page report released in Prishtina, Belgrade, and Brussels on 24 January that "either 2005 will see the start of a final status solution that consolidates peace and development, or Kosovo may return to conflict and generate regional instability." AHF is also calling for international attention on the Vojvodina province in Serbia-Montenegro where anti-Hungarian violence continues. [more]

1/2/2005 - AHF Launches Bookstore on AHF Amazon Store
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Serbian ethnic violence2/2/2005 - The Violence continues: Six-member Hungarian family slain in Vojvodina, Serbia-Montenegro

(AP) Six members of a Hungarian family were brutally killed in adjoining homes in a northern Serbian town on the border with Hungary, radio B-92 reported Wednesday. The bodies were found Tuesday in the family's adjoining homes in the town of Horgos, after neighbors noticed the houses were unusually quiet. A local court judge, Snjezana Lekovic, confirmed the killing, but police gave no official statement on the case. Horgos lies in Serbia's northern Vojvodina province that has recently seen a rise in attacks against the region's minority ethnic Hungarians. [More]

Kasza1/11/2005 - The Szabadka Initiative:
AHF signs joint declaration of the Szabadka Initiative
by ethnic Hungarian political parties and human rights organizations from successor states in an appeal to the Hungarian Government for more coherent support, coordinated planning, and dual ctizenship.

Fifteen organizations from Europe, North America, and Latin America met January 5-6, 2005 in Szabadka/Subotica (Vajdaság/Vojvodina, Serbia-Montenegro) to join forces to.....[more in English and Hungarian]

Lorain AHF Memorial1/10/2005 - AHF Members breaking ground on 1848 / 1956 Hungarian Memorial Monument in Lorain, Ohio. The cost is estimated at $30,000.00 and your help is needed! Donors who give $100.00 or more get their names inscribed in the stepping stones. Leave your mark and help us build this monument to Hungarian bravery and democracy. [more]

AHF Alert1/5/2005 - Hungarians have until September 2005 to formally request return of confiscated properties in Slovakia under the Benes Decrees. The 1945 Benes Decrees claimed collective World War II responsibility of Germans and Hungarians living in Czechoslovakia, and deprived them of their rights, their property and expelled many of them from the country.

The "Szabad Ujsag" weekly has published a list of those lands, which were taken away during the Benes programs. The original owners or its children, grandchildren etc may recover these expropriated lands and properties, if they can prove their ownership and relationships to the original owner. The validated documents have to be shown to the proper authorities. One catch is that it has to be proven before September 1 of 2005. [more]

Vojvodina1/3/2005 - AHF to attend summit in Subotica / Szabadka (Vojvodina, Serbia and Montenegro), and issues statement on recent dual-citizenship referendum held in Hungary. All major ethnic Hungarian parties from successor states are invited at the highest level to work out a joint strategy of next steps on the dual-citizenship drive. Balkans analyst Tibor Purger will represent AHF at the meeting called by Jozsef Kasza, President of the Vojvodina Hungarians, the largest Hungarian parliamentary party in the Province. [more]

Nepszava Cikk - Split Emotions1/5/2005 - 1st Annual Hungarian American Cultural Exposition and Festival in Budapest a Success!

AHF helps sponsor first annual Hungarians Emigres' cultural festival entitled, "Split Emotions" in Budapest. Coordinated by Nationality Broadcasting Network TV- the Budapest Office of AHF member, Ohio-based American Hungarian TV - the festival, which ran from December 7 - 13th, 2004, aimed to strengthen ties between Hungarians on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world. [more]

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