AHF ACTION ALERT: September 2, 2005 - Disaster Relief Funds!
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AHF establishes Disaster Relief Funds to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina and severe flooding in Szekler regions of Transylvania. 100% of proceeds go to victims and programs supporting the rebuilding and relief effort.

TARGET: Transylvania Flood Disaster. Focus: Long-term

On Tuesday, August 23, 2005 a huge flood swept through Szekelyland, Transylvania, causing catastrophic damage. It is estimated that over 1000 homes were completely destroyed covering villages in 7 feet of mud.

Thankfully, many organizations have sprung into action to provide immediate relief, such as the Red Cross and United Way-Hungary. AHF is trying to focus on the longer-term rebuilding needs of the community to help ensure the survival of these historic Hungarian communities. AHF is sending a volunteer delegation to the affected areas to assess what specific needs there are. Once identified, AHF will work with large companies to seek donations of equipment and also purchase specific items for the re-building efforts from water pumps, to hammers and nails and other building tools.

If you or your organization is involved in the relief effort, please contact us so we can more effectively coordinate. We are all volunteer and 100% of donations to AHF Disaster Relief will go to the relief effort!

For more information, contact Laszlo Lugosi at floodhelpnow@yahoo.com.

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TARGET: Hurricane Katrina Relief

9/1/2005 - Hungarian communities have been part of the Gulf Region for a century. HELP member organizations like the Louisiana Hungarians headed by Dr. Stephen Gergatz and Julia Bika. Thankfully, both are safe. 100% of proceeds go to victims and programs supporting the rebuilding and relief effort. If anyone has any additional information on our Hungarian communities in the Gulf Region, please contact Bryan Dawson-Szilagyi at bryan.dawson@webenetics.com.

100% of proceeds go to victims and programs supporting the rebuilding and relief effort. - DONATE NOW!

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Next AHF 1956 Commemoration Committee meeting on Wednesday, September 7th at the DC Headquarters...AHF's 1956 Committee is calling for volunteers to assist with 2005 plans in Washington, D.C. Other local organizations also need your help. Please contact us.

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