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Stalin and the National D-Day Memorial

1956 Hungarian Freedom Fighters cut the Stalin Statue off at its boots6/9/2010 - The American Hungarian Federation Condemns Stalin Bust at National D-Day Memorial... The American Hungarian Federation honors the bravery of all who fought and died June 6, 1944, forever known and revered as “D-Day.” Americans of all backgrounds braved unimaginable horrors as they valiantly stepped forward on the beaches of Normandy to free Europe from the Nazi scourge.  Freedom-loving Americans and Europeans alike are eternally grateful for the sacrifices of the “Greatest Generation.”  We were looking forward to the opening of the National D-Day Memorial with great anticipation.

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The National D-Day Memorial Foundation asks us to “imagine a place where the lessons and legacy of D-Day are remembered and preserved, a place where veterans of all ages are welcomed and honored, a place where visitors discover and recognize the worthy service of those who answer duty’s call, a place where gravity and dignity are hallmarks.” They explain that the “National D-Day Memorial reminds all who enter it of the heavy price that heartland communities have paid, and still pay, for freedom.”

The Foundation’s decision to include a bust of the tyrannical murderer Josef Stalin is deeply disturbing and is incompatible with the stated goals of the Foundation. To include a man who murdered more people than Hitler and the Nazis and began the Cold War is insulting to “those who answer duty’s call” and “paid, and still pay, for freedom.”

It was reported that “William McIntosh, the memorial foundation’s president, said the intent is not to portray Stalin as a hero, but rather as an ally who distracted German forces and played a part in the timing and unfolding of D-Day.” Stalin was no ally. On August 21, 1939, Stalin and Hitler concluded a deal -- the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact -- by which they both agreed to divide Europe. Both attacked Poland in September, less than a month later. Stalin assisted Hitler by supplying resources to assist the Nazi war machine. It wasn't until Hitler attacked the Soviet Union that Stalin fought against him. While Allied forces were fighting to free Europe, Stalin and his Soviet hordes fought to occupy much of Central and Eastern Europe. His legacy is that of death, destruction, internment, forced labor, torture, fear, suffering, oppression, occupation, and “Evil Empire.”

1956 Hungarian Freedom Fighters severed the heads of Stalin Statue all over the BudapestHungarians rose up against Soviet tyranny in 1956. They cut off the head of Stalin’s statue, leaving only his boots. The “Freedom Fighters” while initially successful, would later be crushed by 200,000 troops and 5,000 tanks. Thousands died, children hung, and 2% of the population fled, many to the United States. These Freedom Fighters would go on to make significant contributions to their new homeland.

The American Hungarian Federation, with its legacy of supporting liberty and human rights, cannot remain silent. We respectfully ask the National D-Day Memorial Foundation to remove the Stalin Bust. Stalin’s is not a legacy to be honored and has no place on hallowed ground.


Bryan Dawson
Chairman, Executive Committee

Frank Koszorus, Jr.
National President                        

Akos Nagy
Chairman of the Board

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The Bedford Bulletin newspaper publishes AHF Letter to the Editor on Stalin Bust.The Bedford Bulletin newspaper publishes AHF Letter to the Editor.
Kiakadtak a magyarok: nem menedzser, tömeggyilkos... „Sztálin öröksége a halál, a pusztítás, az internálás, a kényszermunka, a kínzás, félelem, szenvedés, elnyomás, megszállás, a Gonosz birodalmának létrehozása" - figyelmeztet az Amerikai Magyar Szövetség
Balla Eszter- Létrehozás: 2010.06.17.

Kiakadtak a magyarok: nem menedzser, tömeggyilkos... „Sztálin öröksége a halál, a pusztítás, az internálás, a kényszermunka, a kínzás, félelem, szenvedés, elnyomás, megszállás, a Gonosz birodalmának létrehozása" - figyelmeztet az Amerikai Magyar Szövetség.

Hogy mindezt az amerikai kiállítás rendezői ne tudták volna? Nem valószínű, hogy tudatosan akartak megsérteni a kommunizmus áldozatait. Inkább, a hatékony Putyin-propagandának hála, azt a manapság divatos elvet vallhatják ők is, hogy szétválasztható Sztálin, a második világháborús hadvezér Sztálintól, a tömeggyilkostól. A jelenlegi orosz történelemkönyvekben Sztálin már sikeres menedzserként, kiváló szervezőként és hadvezérként szerepel, a népirtóról nem esik szó. Oroszországban ma Sztálin a harmadik legnépszerűbb történelemi figura.
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