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Transylvania's Coat of Arms

Transylvania's Coat of Arms: Sun & Moon representing the Székely Hungarians, the Eagle representing the Magyars,
and the Bastions, the Saxons - the major historical peoples of Transylvania prior to Rumanian immigration & annexation

Many dictators have deliberately changed history and have found scapegoats to ferment nationalism as a means to gain and maintain power. Hitler, Ceaucescu, and Milosevic are great examples of this.  This poses continued stress to Rumanian/Serbian-Hungarian relations. Rumanians are taught that they are the direct descendants of the Romans and since parts of Transylvania were part of the Roman Empire called Dacia, Transylvania is rightly theirs, hence the changing of the country's spelling from Roumania to Rumania to ROMANia. This is all despite the fact that it was settled by various Hungarian tribes since the 5th century and the Magyars in the 9th. Despite the fact that for centuries the Vlachs (Rumanians) were nomadic and did not appear in any numbers in Transylvania until they were escaping the Ottoman Turks' onslaught in the 15th & 16th centuries. Rumanians are taught that Hungarians moved into Transylvania and displaced them, not the other way around. They believe that famed Hungarian Janos Hunyadi is actually Hunedoara, a great "Rumanian" hero. Today, in the few areas where there is still a Hungarian majority, the Rumanian government is settling Rumanians.  Many of these happen to be Police and Orthodox church officials. In Transylvania, Hungarian language schools and centuries-old universities have been closed, churches and synagogues burned and/or confiscated, and people beaten for demonstrating for democracy and basic human rights, or simply for speaking Hungarian - (See the Helsinki Watch Report "Destroying Ethnic Identity, the Hungarians of Romania," for more information.) In the documents below and on my History Page, I hope you can make up your own mind.

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