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Hungarian Music & Radio
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Hungarian Radio Stations - Listen Live!

Download RealAudio for FreeThese sites require the free Microsoft Media Player or the RealAudio Player... Click the icon to download it free. 

However, Hungarian World Radio developed software that includes its own embedded list of Radio and Television stations from both larger and smaller markets some of which are NOT listed here. It requires a download of its free software, and they request a voluntary donation for the service. We tested it, and it works great. To see the list of stations and to download their software, go to (in Hungarian)


Visit Live European Radio on the Internet, Brian Buckley's extensive list of stations from all over Europe, the US, and the World!

Classical Music


Folk Music

Hungarian folk music is not Gypsy music.  'Gypsies' or Roma in Hungary and Transylvania developed spectacular musical talents and were often hired to play.  Over the centuries, Gypsy virtuosos developed their own unique style, incorporating elements of Hungarian and Eastern traditions. This style has in itself become admired world wide.  Traditional Hungarian Folk music is not as stylized and maintains centuries-old musical elements much of which came from Transylvania.

In fact, many of you heard a beautiful and stirring example of Hungarian Folk music from Transylvania in Márta Sebestyén's virtuosity in the "English Patient" themesong, "Szerelem, Szerelem" (Love, Love), or in her work with Peter Gabriel and Deep Forest in "Marta'a Song."  With the exception of the violin, the instruments can be quite primitive.  The music surprises many, even in Hungary, for both its rhythmic nature and its Asian and Celtic feel.

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