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Transylvanian Coat of Arms

Transylvania's Székely National Anthem
"Dear Lord, Don't Let Us Lose Transylvania!"

The origin of the Székely people is an interesting debate. Many scholars believe in a two-fold Hungarian migration, one prior to the main Magyar occupation of the Carpathian Basin in 896 A.D. According to this theory, the Székelys or Szeklers are a Hungarian group that settled in Transylvania during this first migration. There is also evidence that the Székelys are related to the Scythians or Sumerians who may have joined the Magyars on their trek westward. Sculptures have been found depicting Scythian scenes in Transylvania (Go to Translyvanian Resources page). In addition, Székelys still use a form of Scythian writing known as cunei.

Whatever the theory, it is undisputed that the Székelys have inhabited Transylvania for over a thousand years. Unfortunately the aftermath of WWI saw hundreds of thousands of Hungarians - many Székely - forced out of Transylvania. This exodus still continues as harsh conditions, lack of opportunity, and oppression forces many to leave their lands. Even under a new "free" Romania extremists continue to attack Hungarians, Hungarian culture, and democratic values. Hungarian language schools and centuries-old universities have been closed, churches burned, and people beaten for demonstrating for democracy and basic human rights, or simply for speaking Hungarian - (See Helsinki Watch Report "Destroying Ethnic Identity, the Hungarians of Romania," for more information.)

English translation follows

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English Translation:

(Special thanks to Laszlo Szelecki for his help on this translation)

Who knows where destiny leads us
On this rough road..... and dark night.
Lead your people once again to victory, Csaba, Prince Royal, on a heavenly path.
Our ancestors crumble to dust through these wars of nations, as cliffs on rough seas.
The flood is upon us, oh, overwhelming us a hundred fold,
Lord, don't let us lose Transylvania!

As long as we live, Peoples of Hungary, our spirit shall not be broken:
Wherever we are born, whatever corner of the earth, whether our fate be good, or cruel.
Such sorrowful a past - our millenia of misfortune, 
The ravages of Tatars and Turks and the Austrian yoke.
Let us inherit our nation, the land of the Székely, in a free fatherland, to live in happiness.

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