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Top AHF National Headlines 2/22/2006

  • Property Restitution in Serbia-Montenegro: June Deadline Approaches
    VOTE in Hungarian elections! János Horváth on US Tour
        to explain how! Deadline Approaches, SEE INVITATION
  • US Secretary of State Honors Hungarian Revolution
        *AHF Issues Statement calling for concrete action today
  • Property Restitution in Serbia-Montenegro
        June Deadline Approaches
  • 1956 Revolution Statue in the Nation's Capital!
        Volunteer to help!
  • Successful AHF Leadership Conference at Venice Hungarian Club
  • Invitation to Janos Horvath presentation on Hungarian elections in Washington, DC
    1956 Roundtable Discussion at HRFA in Washington
  • Successful Baltimore Reception for Animated 1956 Film
  • AHF providing FREE 1956 Websites to all member organizations
  • AHF Turns 100! A Centennial Call for Membership! 2006 Dues due!
  • Hungarian American wins GOLD in Torino!
  • AHF Member News

  • Are you an AHF member and would like to promote your activities? We exist to help! [Contact us]
    NJ: American Hungarian Foundation - Book, Reception and Exhibit, "The Hungarian Legacy in America," 2/26 - 3/26
  • FL: Hungarian American Club of Southwest Florida - Disznótoros Vacsora on 2/26
  • FL: The American Foundation for Hungarian Youth and Culture - raising funds with 1956 Commemorative Car Ribbon Magnets
  • OH: Bicycling 1956 miles to raise funds for United Way Hungary and awareness about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
  • OH: Bela Bognar's Scholarship Fund supporting ethnic Hungarians
  • MA: Hungarian Ball in Needham, Massachusetts to support Hungarian School on 4/22
  • MA: 1956 Hungarian Revolution Exhibit at to support Hungarian School on 4/22
  • MD: 1956 Animated Documentary nears completion, needs your support
  • MD: Choreographer seeking 1956-ers to share experiences for modern dance production about Hungarian Revolution
  • CA: Dr. Istvan Tuba publishes, "The Third Resource: A Universal Ideology of Economics; A Tribute to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution."
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    How Hungarian Citizens Abroad Can Vote: Dr. Janos Horvath's Awareness Campaign.How Hungarian Citizens Abroad Can Vote: Dr. Janos Horvath's Awareness Campaign. [Magyarul]

    2/18/2006 - Hungarians Abroad voting in Hungarian Parliamentary Elections for the first time... Dr. Janos Horvath, on US Tour to help voters understand the procedures as DEADLINE approaches.


    2/22/2006 - AHF encourages all to participate in Janos Horvath meeting in Washington DC! The Hungarian Reformed Federation of America invites all to the Kossuth House to discuss the upcoming elections in Hungary and the opportunity for Hungarian citizens living in the United States to participate in the elections.

    When? March 1, 2006 at 6:30 p.m.

    About the meeting:

    János Horváth, a senior member of the Parliament of Hungary representing the Fidesz-Hungarian Civic Party, is going to visit several North American Hungarian communities between February 26 and March 6. The key purpose of his trip is to underline the significance of the upcoming general Parliamentary elections to be held in April in Hungary, and to spread the news to those Hungarians with voting rights that they may cast their votes at the Hungarian Embassies and Consulates abroad including those in the US and Canada for the first time if they mail their requests with the selected location to the appropriate local authorities in Hungary within the somewhat restrictive statutory deadlines. [read more]

    Hungarian Parliamentarian, Dr. Janos Horvath, is on US tour  to discuss the upcoming elections in Hungary and the opportunity for Hungarian citizens living in the United States to participate in the electionsHorváth János, a Fidesz-Magyar Polgári Szövetség országgyulési képviseloje aki egyben a magyar Országgyulése korelnöke is, látogatást tesz számos észak-amerikai magyar közösségnél a február 26. és március 6. közötti napokban. A legfontosabb célja a látogatásnak az, hogy aláhúzza az áprilisban soron következo magyarországi parlamenti választások jelentoségét, és hogy minden érintetthez eljuttassa a hírt arról, hogy elso alkalommal a szabad parlamenti választások történetében a választójoggal rendelkezo magyar állampolgárok a magyar követségeken és konzulátusokon is leadhatják a szavazatukat, ideértve az Amerikai Egyesült Államokban és Kanadában található külképviseleteket is, ha erre a vonatkozó kérelmeket a meglehetosen korlátozó jogveszto határidok betartásával postázzák a megfelelo magyarországi hatóságnak. [tovább]

    US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, sponsors reception in  honor of teh 50th Aniiversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution [© Bryan Dawson-Szilagyi, AHF News Service]U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice hosts reception in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. American Hungarian Federation issues statement. "For 12 days in 1956, the Hungarian people caught a fleeting glimpse of their independence. Armed with little more than a love of liberty, the impatient patriots of Hungary rose up against the mighty Soviet empire," noted Secretary of State AHF Members take part in reception hosted by US Secretry of State Condoleezza Rice at the State Department's Lincoln Room honoring the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. [© Bryan Dawson-Szilagyi, AHF News Service]Condoleezza Rice during a commemoration of the 1956 Revolution at the Department of State's Benjamin Franklin Room on February 13, 2006. The American Hungarian Federation was represented by over 15 of its members. The Federation honors the true heroes of the 1956 Revolution -- those who were unwilling to compromise and who, against overwhelming odds and standing alone, made tremendous sacrifices for the cause of freedom, democracy and independence. [read more]

    AHF Statement
    "One consequence [of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution] was the solidly Stalinist Romanian government's virtual liquidation of the Hungarian-language Bolyai University in Romania, which was implemented by the secretary of the Central Committee, Nicolae Ceausescu." [read more] or [download the statement] (PDF requires Acrobat Reader)

    1956 Statue Prototype by Gyuri Hollosy1956 Statue in the Nation's Capital... AHF's 1956 Commemoration Committee is seeking your help to erect a statue in Washington, D.C. devoted to the heroes of the Hungarian Revolution. The AHF plan calls for an actual-size statue to be placed prominently in Washington while we raise funds for its bronze replacement. Seen here, renowned sculptor Gyuri Hollosy unveiled his prototype design at the AHF meeting last April. Help us! Contact bryandawson@americanhungarianfederation.org and join the 1956 Commemoration Committee!

    AHF Leadership Conference in front of 1956 Memorial at the Venice Hungarian Club in Florida
    1/28/2006 - AHF Leadership Conference in Venice, Florida... AHF members met at the Hungarian Christian Society's Hungarian Club in Venice to discuss 2006/2007 plans, how to improve coordination at both a local and national level, and events related to the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution. Representatives from Florida organizations presented their activities. Andy Evva and Frank Dobos of the American Foundation for Hungarian Youth and Culture and the Naples Hungarian Club, respectively, provided a multimedia overview of their remarkable recent activities that include extensive plans for 1956 commemorations and a short video on the 1956 Revolution set to powerful rock music with lyrics subtitled in English to appeal to the younger generation. Kalman Nagy and Executive Committee Chair Dr. Paul Szilagyi at AHF's 1956 Memorial at the Venice Hungarian Club in Florida.AHF VP Kalman Nagy of the Venice Hungarian Club proudly showed participants AHF's 1956 memorial which he spearheaded and funded with almost $10,000 (seen here with Executive Committee chair Dr. Paul Szilagyi) and unveiled on October 23, 2005 as Hurricane Wilma approached. Istvan Peterman and participants exchanged idea on how to best serve new Hungarian immigrant communities. At the end of the conference, the Hungarian Christian Society Donated $1000.00 to support AHF's national efforts. [read more]

    Frank Kapitan, manager of Washington Branch of HRFA, speaking next to Zsuzsa and Imre Toth1/26/2006 - Hungarian Reformed Federation's Washington Branch sponsors 1956 Roundtable Discussion...Participants share their 1956 experiences. AHF members joined 1956 Freedom Fighters and Washington-area Hungarians in a roundtable discussion sponsored by the Washington Chapter of the Hungarian Reformed Federation of American (HRFA). Branch Manager, Frank Kapitan (seen here), opened the discussion and asked participants to share their personal experiences related to 1956 and discuss the lessons learned and implications of the revolution in today's world. AHF member Zsuzsa Toth transcribed those experiences which can be found on our Website (direct link at the end of article)

    Per Bang-Jensen, son of UN diplomat killed after supporting 1956 Freedom FightersParticipants included Imre Toth, last surviving Secretary of the Revolutionary Committee for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Imre Nagy government, and Per Bang Jensen, whose UN diplomat father died mysteriously after outspokenly supporting the Hungarian Freedom Fighters. AHF's Bryan Dawson-Szilagyi remarked that "unity" and "common purpose" was the lesson to learn from the heroic fight for freedom. [read more]

    Chartered by Congress in 1896, HRFA, a fraternal organization offering life insurance and financing, is one of the Hungarian-American community's most important and enduring organizations.

    1/22/2006 - Baltimore Reception to raise funds for Freedom Dance: The Movie - an animated film about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. About 40 people gathered to meet Edward Hilbert, Steven Fischer, and Craig Herron and to hear more about their remarkable film project. The artists are selling original artwork and stills from the film to raise funds for the film which is near completion. Based on the actual drawings by Edward Hilbert, child star of "Meseauto," the film chronicles Edward's experiences as freedom fighter and refugee. AHF Vice President Bryan Dawson-Szilagyi gives speech on Hungary's 1956 revolution and its historic role in democracy at the reception for Freedom Dance: The MovieThe Hungarian Embassy's Károly Dán and AHF Vice President Bryan Dawson-Szilagyi gave speeches supporting the film and honoring the heroes of 1956. [read Bryan Dawson-Szilagyi's Speech] or [read more] about Freedom Dance.

    Continuing news - AHF providing free Websites on the 1956 Portal (www.hungary1956.com) to member organizations as they prepare for the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.Hungary 1956 PortalIf you know of any organization or group planning events for the commemoration of 1956, please contact us. The American Hungarian Federation is sponsoring the 1956 Portal as part of its goals to coordinate and assist member organizations across the country.

    The 1956 Portal serves as a central information resource for 1956 activities as our community prepares for the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution. The Portal also includes Audio and Video files! If you have additional photos or have plans you would like to promote, contact us! Write to Bryan Dawson at

    [See www.hungary1956.com]

    Featured Video

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    Click to download the Video: "Five Days of Revolt in Budapest." 5.2Mb"Five Days of Freedom in Budapest" - "Budapest is in revolt. With uncontrolled fury, crowds set fire to Russian flags... The impossible has happened. A handful of heroes has shaken the communist world to its foundations." (5.2 Mb)
    [See more audio and video files]

    Continuing news - A Centennial Celebration! The American Hungarian Federation turned 100 - Join and help us represent the interests of our community! AHF turns 100! Join us and help us represent our communityThe American Hungarian Federation (AHF), was founded in 1906 in Cleveland, Ohio. Among the oldest ethnic organizations in the US, AHF was established as an association of Hungarian societies, institutions and churches to "defend the interest of Americans of Hungarian origin in the United States." The American Hungarian Federation strives to unite the American Hungarian community through work that supports common goals. AHF is a national, non-partisan, independent umbrella organization representing the interests of the Hungarian American community. Members are reminded to send dues before March 31st. [more about us]

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    Property Restitution in Serbia-Montenegro: June Deadline Approaches

    US Embassy reports: "Serbia and Montenegro is one of the last countries in the region to tackle the difficult issue of restitution of property seized or expropriated by the former communist governments. Private American citizens, and other claimants, are often frustrated by the lack of progress on this issue. The U.S. Embassy continues to raise this issue with government officials at the highest levels. Restitution of seized or expropriated properties differs, depending upon whether the property is located in Serbia or Montenegro." [Read Details in English]

    Szerbiában nem az igazi a restitúció

    Szerbiában egyelõre várat magára a II. világháborút követõen vagyonuktól megfosztottak kárpótlása. Törvény még nem született a kártalanításról, de egy jogszabály tavaly nyár óta érvényben van, melynek értelmében 2006. június 30-áig a kárvallottaknak vagy leszármazottaiknak be kell nyújtaniuk a Szerb Köztársaság vagyonjogi igazgatóságának az ellenszolgáltatás nélkül elvett vagyonuk visszaszármaztatására vonatkozó igényt, a megfelelõ dokumentáció kíséretében.
    [read more]


    Hungarian American Wins Olympic Gold!
    Not that long ago, Ted Ligety was everything Bode Miller is not: unknown, unsponsored, unaccomplished.

    Now, thanks both to his own clean, aggressive skiing and errors by Miller and other favorites, Ligety is an Olympic champion. [read more]

    and See The Hungary Page's Hungarian Olympic Triumph Pages at www.thehungarypage.com/olympic.htm


    Featured Member

    Read more about Featured Member, Laszlo BudaLaszlo "Laz" Buda is the son of Hungarian immigrants and is a native of Cleveland.

    Laszlo is Chairman of the Friends of United Way-Hungary Committee and active in the Cleveland Hungarian community regularly reciting poems at the 1848 and 1956 commemoration events. He successfully co-led the fundraising efforts for "Hungarians for the International Childrens Games" (HICG) which brought over 110 teen athletes, coaches, and officials from seven Hungarian cities to Cleveland and Washington DC in August 2004.

    Laszlo Buda is raising funds for United Way Hungary by riding his bicycle 1956 miles by October 23, 2006.

    Laci is raising funds for United Way Hungary by riding his bicycle 1956 miles by October 23, 2006. He is seeking pledges/sponsorships in this 50th anniversary year of the Hungarian Revolution. "Laz" rode 1210 miles last year, so this would be 50% more - quite a physical challenge! Read more about him on
    [Featured Members]

    New Jersey

    Book, Reception and Exhibit – “The Hungarian Legacy In America” On view February 26 – March 26, 2006

    The Hungarian Legacy in America,” an exhibition presenting the 50 year history of the American Hungarian Foundation opens with a reception on Sunday, February 26, 2006"The Hungarian Legacy in America,” an exhibition presenting the 50 year history of the American Hungarian Foundation opens with a reception on Sunday, February 26, 2006, at 2:00-5:00 p.m. in the Museum of the Foundation, 300 Somerset Street, New Brunswick, NJ. The exhibition runs from February 26 through March 26 and presents the documentary and pictorial record of the Foundation’s 50 years.

    First shown last September in Budapest, Hungary, the exhibition there was part of the three day international academic conference commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Foundation at the National Széchényi Library.

    Contact: Patricia L. Fazekas, Curator 732.846.5777
    plf@ahfoundation.org [read more]


    Naples, FL: Hungarian American Club of Southwest Florida - Disznótoros Vacsora

    The Hungarian Village Feast will be held at the Three Oaks Banquet Hall at 20991 Three Oaks Parkway in Naples, FL on Saturday, 2/26/2006 at 6:00 pm. The "Csarda" menu includes Hurka, Hungarian Sausage and Paprika Potatoes. Music and Dancing. Cost is $25.00/members, $30.00/non-members. Contact Phyllis Evva (239) 593-9513

    Naples, FL: The American Foundation for Hungarian Youth and Culture - raising funds with 1956 Commemorative Car Ribbon Freedom Magnets

    The Foundation supports education and awareness of Hungarian Culture in Naples and in Hungary, primarily among youth. They are also making plans to commemorate the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Support the cause by purchasing Ribbon Car Magnets to commemorate the 1956 Fight for Freedom. It says "USA 1776 / Hungary 1956: Freedom is not Free." Magnets cost 1-4 magnets cost $5.00 each, with quantity discounts. Tax-deductible donations are also appreciated. Contact Andrew Evva, President at (239) 593-9513 or asevva@aol.com


    1956 Miles to Help Hungary

    AHF's Laszlo "Bolond" Buda is raising funds for United Way Hungary by riding his bicycle 1956 miles by October 23, 2006. He is seeking pledges/sponsorships in this 50th anniversary year of the Hungarian Revolution. "Laz" rode 1210 miles last year, so this would be 50% more - quite a physical challenge! Contact him at lazbuda@yahoo.com

    Hungarian Scholarship Fund

    The American Hungarian Federation recently added $1000.00 to its effort at raising funds to the Hungarian Scholarship Fund that supports ethnic Hungarian students in the successor states in the Carpathian Basin. The Federation gave $5000.00 in 2005, and needs your support to surpass that number. Known as the "Professor Paprika," Bela Bognar grows and sells paprika to raise money. [read more] about the Hungarian Scholarship Fund.


    Boston Magyar Bál / Hungarian Ball, April 22nd

    Join in an evening of Hungarian Dance and Food at the Hungarian Ball of 2006. The Boston Hungarians invite you to celebrate and support "Boskola," the weekend Hungarian school for children in Lexington. Plans include a delicious dinner with dancing, a raffle and silent auction. Hungarian ethnic and dance music of all genres will be performed by Mr. Újvári Miklós and his orchestra, the excellent band who performed for the 2004 Ball. The Ball will be held in the Grand Ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel in Needham, MA. Tickets are $75 per person, $60 students

    For tickets or more information, contact Ildiko Juhasz at ziaj@rcn.com or see the website www.bostonmagyarbal.com

    Exhibition on 1956 Hungarian Revolution in downtown Boston's Prudential Center

    Dr. Gabor Garai, Honorary Hungarian Consul in Boston, is planning and exhibition that aims to educate the public about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. The Prudential Center agreed to provide an well-trafficked area for the display. Planned is a photo exhibit and other artifacts.


    Freedom Dance, the Movie"Freedom Dance" re-tells the inspiring story of a Hungarian-born artist named Edward Hilbert who (with his newly wedded wife, Judy) made a dangerous escape from occupied Hungary in 1956 during the violent Hungarian Revolution, taking refuge in the land of Edward's dreams: America! Throughout their 4 months on the road, Edward, the child star of the Hungarian classic film "Meseauto," kept a journal in cartoon form illustrating various episodes from his adventure. The filmmakers need your financial support to complete this unique project and are even selling original artwork by the artist and stills from the film. [read more]

    Attention Hungarians who came to the US during World War II or the 1956 Revolution: AHF Member Barbara Lanciers is a theatre artist
    (performer/director/choreographer) from New York City and a recent transplant to Baltimore, Maryland. She is working on the creation of a performance piece based on her grandmother's escape from Budapest to the US in 1944. The project is a entitled, "Leaves with A Name." Barbara is in conceptual stages. If you are interested in helping her or being interviewed, contact her at blanciers@googlemail.com


    AHF's Dr. Istvan Tuba
    The Third Resource: A Universal Ideology of Economics; A Tribute to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
    . The universal Tuba Doctrines will revolutionize man's thinking about world economics (2005).
    Available on the [AHF bookstore]

    In Memoriam

    George Haydu's MemoirAHF President Emeritus, Entrepreneur, Freedom Activist, and 1959 US "Citizen of the Year," George K. Haydu, passed away after long illness. The death of this great humanitarian and leader is a major loss for the Hungarian-American community and to all his many friends. Despite many death threats President Harry Truman awards 1959 "Citizen of the Year" to George K. Hayduand being shot in the leg during "Loyalty Day" parade in New York City, George was undeterred in his efforts to bring freedom to Hungary and comfort to refugees. [read more about George Haydu] or see [All Memorials]

    Disaster Relief Wall of Honor

    AHF Disaster Relief FundWe've reached the $6500.00 mark! Who is giving to the Disaster Relief Fund? AHF would like to publicly say "thank you." Click here to see and then join us to help our community!

    Featured Link: Do you think you know something about famous Hungarians? Think again! See "Nobel Prize Winners and Famous Hungarians" on www.thehungarypage.com

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