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AHF Leadership Conference in Venice, Florida

AHF Leadership Conference in front of 1956 Memorial at the Venice Hungarian Club in Florida 1/28/2006 - AHF Leadership Conference in Venice, Florida... AHF members met at the Hungarian Christian Society's Hungarian Club in Venice to discuss AHF 2006/2007 plans, how to improve coordination at both a local and national level, and events related to the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.

AHF leaders from National and Local organizatins discuss coordination and closer cooperationRepresentatives from Florida organizations presented their activities. Andy Evva and Frank Dobos of the American Foundation for Hungarian Youth and Culture and the Naples Hungarian Club, respectively, provided a multimedia overview of their remarkable recent activities that include extensive plans for 1956 commemorations and a short video on the 1956 Revolution set to powerful rock music with lyrics subtitled in English to appeal to the younger generation.

Kalman Nagy and Executive Committee Chair Dr. Paul Szilagyi at AHF's 1956 Memorial at the Venice Hungarian Club in Florida.AHF VP Kalman Nagy of the Venice Hungarian Club proudly showed participants AHF's 1956 memorial which he spearheaded and funded with almost $10,000 (seen here with Executive Committee chair Dr. Paul Szilagyi) and unveiled on October 23, 2005 as Hurricane Wilma approached.

AHF Executive Committee Chair with renowned FIU Professor of Literature Peter HargitaiBryan Dawson-Szilagyi gave a report on AHF national activities and showed the mini-documentary on 1956 produced by Imre and Zsuzsa Toth and shown in US Congress. AHF's Treasurer, Sandor Murray, gave a financial report and distinguished professor Peter Hargitai spoke of his upcoming book on the 1956 Revolution.

Istvan Peterman, publisher of the Hungarian-language weekly Magyar Szo/a Hid, now the largest Hungarian-American weekly in the United States, discussed his plans for making the paper bilingual. He also discussed the problem of "endangered local Hungarian organizations." He noted that many small, local Hungarian American organizations are in financial trouble and are at risk to lose property, "their very existence is threatened." Using New Brunswick as an example, he added that Hungarian immigrant communities move as they get more affluent and new communities fill the void left behind. He said that AHF should focus efforts on where the new Hungarian immigrants communities are and be flexible to meet their needs. If one local group is dwindling, perhaps those assests could be transferred to an area in need of a Hungarian organization or club, in a dynamic way. New York's Borough Park was cited and a perfect example. Peterman organized the first Hungarian Christmas in Brooklyn's Borough Park this past year.

Special guest, photographer Steven Spinder, brought with him his latest book featuring photos from Transylvania. At the end of the conference, the Hungarian Christian Society Donated $1000.00 to support AHF's national efforts. THANKS!!

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