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Miért van ez Angolul?

6/10/2005 - Trianon turns 85! Demonstrations in NY, Toronto and elsewhere...
Hungarian organizations from New York and Toronto demonstrated to call attention to the unjust Treaty of Trianon in which Hungary lost 2/3 of her territory, half her Hungarian-speaking population and vast natural resources and infrastructure. The New York Polgari Kor demonstrated in front of the U.N. building on June 5, 2005. [read more]

6/1/2005 - AHF Applauds US Congress and urges the community to thank the co-sponsors of House Resolution 191...We suggest that letters of appreciation be sent to the sponsors of H. Res. 191 and to your Representative. The United States House of Representatives recently passed H. Res. 191 on May 23, urging the "Government of Romania to recognize its responsibilities to provide equitable, prompt and fair restitution to all religious communities for property confiscated by the former Communist government. . . ." -- This is a measure which goes beyond mere symbolism and expresses the unequivocal opinion of the United States House of Representatives. [see the model letter]

5/28/2005 - Hungarian Scout's Association competition a great success. The "cserkészek" held their annual competition this year in upper New York's Sik Sandor Boyscout Park. The Hungarian Association of Cleveland under Dr. Nadas Gyula (AHF Member and President Emeritus) donated $75,000 to help build a complex at the Sik Sandor Park.

5/23/2005 - AHF's 1956 Commemoration Committee meets at its Washington, DC Headquarters at the National Press Building to finalize plans for kicking off a year of events leading up to the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Highlights include a Congressional Commemoration in October 2005 and arias from the "Bank Ban" with Placido Domingo.

Some of the other activities include:

  • In cooperation with George Lovas and the Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation and many others, AHF aims to present arias from the "Bank Ban" with Placido Domingo.
  • Fundraising for the 1956 memorial statue by Gyuri Hollosi seen here.
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral ecumenical mass with Cardinal Egon in New York City on Sunday, October 22, 2006.
  • Commemoration and Gala on October 18th and 21st, 2006 in Washington, DC. Distinguished nominees again will be presented with AHF's Mihaly Kovats Medal of Freedom for Lifetime Achievements.
  • Support for the "Lyukas Zaszlo" project / "Torn from the Flag" and debut in Washington, DC as part of commemoration activities.
  • A "Golden Book" to commemorate the 50th "Golden" Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.
  • Commemorative Stamps

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6/9/2005 - Rev. Imre Bertalan and the Bethlen Home to dedicate their new 15-million-dollar facility. While moving in to the new nursing home on Wednesday, June 22nd, the formal dedication of the facility will take place on Labor Day, September 5th. AHF Vice President Miklos Kossanyi will be there with a crew to video-tape both affairs. The Bethlen Home is a faith based, non-profit health care facility affiliated with the Hungarian Reformed Federation of America (HRFA). [read more] and [here]

National Hungarian Memorial in Ohio5/20/2005 - National Hungarian Memorial dedication scheduled for June 12th at 3pm! Arpad Dobolyi of the Memorial Committee, chose the site for the National Hungarian Memorial honoring Hungarian heroes that perished against the communist takeover. AHF President Emeritus Dr. Nadas Gyula scheduled to speak. Read more about this and other [AHF Activities Around the Country]

5/19/2005 - Dr. Sandor Havadtoy, AHF Vice President and editor of the Szekely Nep, the Transylvanian Committee's Quarterly, published an excellent analysis on Hungary's dual-citizenship referendum. See it (in English and Hungarian) on [AHF Publications]

5/11/2005 - The Washington Times publishes AHF Letter to the Editor... "Mr. Bush, who did not mince words in Riga, should make another highly symbolic gesture to underscore his message that the freedom of small nations should not be expendable." [read more]

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Featured Link: Do you think you know something about famous Hungarians? Think again! See "Nobel Prize Winners and Famous Hungarians" on www.thehungarypage.com

Featured Member

AHF's Tako Geza Award-winning Dr. Stephen Szilagyi, founded SARA, "Sharing America's Resources Abroad. SARA is a Christian ministry offering medical assistance to improve lives around the world. From humble beginnings, SARA has distributed millions of dollars in medical supplies, services, and medical care, establishing a network of doctors and suppliers ready to assist the needy. SARA is NOW accepting registrations to accompany their delegation on their Transcarpathia Mission to help the poor. The mission begins Monday, September 5, as it departs Cleveland to Budapest. Contact him to donate your time and talents and accompany the group to this former Hungarian territory.
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In Memoriam

5/19/2005 - Gergely "Bajusz" Pongratz, a leader and hero of Hungary's anti-communist revolution, dead at 73. Pongratz suffered a heart attack in the southern Hungarian town of Kiskunmajsa.
[read more and see links to hear him speak]

Hungarians in International News

6/10/2005 - "Hungarians should just dance" - Serbian radicals increasing pressure on Vojvodina Hungarian political parties. The Federation of Vojvodina Hungarians held a press conference to discuss efforts at intimidation and fear by radical Serbian politicians. The Serbs also appointed special prosecutors to begin bogus investigations of political activities in an assault on democracy and minority rights. While the violence continues... AHF fears a new Kosovo. [read more]

Hungarian text available, "Egybehangolt lejáratási kampány a VMSZ ellen"

Laszlo Solyom elected as President of Hungary / Sólyom László az új államfo
Origo.com and AHF media - 8 June 2005

The Hungarian parliament on Tuesday elected opposition candidate Laszlo Solyom as the nation's next president to succeed outgoing President Ferenc Madl who will step down in August, Hungarian News Agency said. Solyom, 63, a constitutional lawyer, was nominated by opposition parties Fidesz and the Hungarian Democratic Forum.

According to AHF's media representative in Budapest, Mihaly Bolcskey, "Solyom is considered an non-partisan and unlikely candidate emerging from Hungary's constitutional committee. Just 2 months ago, Solyom wasn't even a nominee. Oppostion parties were left without a candidate when President Ferenc Madl announced his intent to step down. Solyom's name emerged as a serious potential candidate only after a Hungarian environmental organization "VedEgylet," for whom Solyom had once advised along with other environmental and civic organizations, lobbied the opposition parties, Fidesz and the Hungarian Democratic Forum. These parties would eventually accept Solyom as their nominee. Solyom won election by only a few votes, 185 to the Socialist Candidate Katalin Szili's 182, but is considered to be a centrist and thoughtful candidate that claimed, "I will talk little so that when I do talk, my words will have added weight." Dr. Solyom's credentials are superb. Schooled in Pecs as a lawyer, Dr. Solyom went to Germany in the late 60's to teach law. He received his Ph.D. in Germany at the University of Jena. He returned to Hungary in the mid 1980's to teach at the Law School at ELTE (Eotvos Lorand Tudomany Egyetem). He has received numerous prestigious awards in Hungary and Western Europe and we expect him to be an excellent representative of the Hungarian people in a new Europe.

Sólyom László, az ellenzéki pártok jelöltje 185 szavazattal nyerte az elnökválasztást. Szili Katalin MSZP-s jelölt 182 voksot kapott. Az SZDSZ-bol 17-en nem szavaztak, hárman azonban a frakciótilalom ellenére voksoltak. Sólyom letette az esküt, hivatalosan augusztustól lesz köztársasági elnök öt éven át. Az MSZP rendkívüli kongresszuson értékeli a köztársasági elnökválasztás kimenetelét.
[read more in Hungarian]

Eastern Europe migration not one-way traffic west
San Diego Union Tribune - 7 June 2005

BUDAPEST/PRAGUE – Poles are picking asparagus in Germany and Lithuanians are pulling pints of beer in Irish bars, but feared hordes of migrants from poor eastern European new EU member states have failed to arrive. [read more]

André Kertész (1894-1985):
Part 1: Hungary to Paris

PhotographyAbout.com - 5 June 2005

Hungary, a small land-locked country in the centre of Europe, nurtured far more than its share of genius in the first half of 20th century. It was Hungarian scientists who drove forward the Manhattan project to produce the first atomic bomb and invented the biro and the hologram; Hungarian footballers who showed that England could be defeated and Hungarian photographers who shone in the world of photojournalism and modernism. [read more]

Hungarian culture

Central Jersey News: The Home Tribune 6/6/2005

Her hand to her heart, Theresa Scurato, 75, stood on a Somerset Street stoop as she watched the color guard, the children dressed in traditional Hungarian clothing and the procession of Hungarian civic groups pass by. [read more]

"Romanians" Dragulescu and Ponor defend European gymnastics titles
MSNBC.com, 6/5/2005

Hungary's Krisztian Berki recorded the competition's highest score on the pommel horse - 9.775 points - to win the title.
[read more]

Renault and Nissan Open Joint Parts Warehouse in Hungary
Japan Corporate News, 6/2/2005

Its capability to process more than 2 million orders makes the warehouse one of the most efficient ones in Europe. Renault and Nissan invested 13 million euros in the warehouse. [read more]

Hungarian Rightists Thank French Leftists for "No" Vote.
PestSide.com - 6/1/2005

According to Magyar Nemzet, the rightist Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom ("Movement for a Better Hungary") thanked French voters for voting "no" in Sunday's referendum on the EU constitution by "picketing" the French embassy with signs saying "Köszönjük – Merci." [read more]

The Violence against Hungarians continues:
A Horgos boy was beaten until covered by blood in Subotica
Magdolna Miskolci, Magyar Szo, 6/1/2005

Jeno Urban is a young man from Horgos and is the leader of the Bela Bartok Public Education Society's break group. However, this young man of great motion skill and who also teaches children, will not spin on his head for a while. [read more]

For additional information on Serbian violence, visit AHF

Government Itching to Wager on "Hungo Vegas"
PestSide.com - 5/31/2005

The government wants to help an investment group build a "small Hungarian Las Vegas" in Bezenye, Magyar Hírlap reports today. [Read More]

Croatian And Hungarian Presidents Hold Talks In Zagreb
Turkish Weekly - 5/29/2005

Croatian President Stjepan Mesic on Friday received for talks Hungarian President Ferenc Madl, who was on a brief working visit to Zagreb at the invitation of his host. Madl added that his country would continue all it could to help Croatia to become an EU member as soon as possible. [read more]

FIDESZ Has Seven-Point Lead in Hungary
Angus Reid Consultants - 5/31/2005

The opposition Citizens Party (Fidesz) remains the most popular political organization in Hungary, according to a poll by Gallup. 31 per cent of respondents would vote for Fidesz—led by former prime minister Viktor Orban—in the next general election. [read more]

Cuban Commies Dishonor Beloved Hungarian Poet
PestSide - 5/27/2005

The author writes: "we don't think it's a great honor to have one of the nation's greatest artistic figures being officially appropriated by one of the world's last two communist dictatorships [read more]

Hungarian unemployment rises to 7.2 pct in February-April
Forbes, 5/26/2005

Hungary's unemployment rate rose to 7.2 pct from February to April, an increase of 0.1 percentage point from the previous period of January to March, the central statistics bureau KSH said. The unemployment rate stood at 6.0 pct in the 2004 February-April period in 2004. KSH said that while unemployment was on the rise, it was still below the 9.3 pct average jobless rate in the European Union in March.

As Hungary shows, West doesn’t always know best
Budapest Business Journal, 5/23/2005

I can say that I found a favorable business environment [in Hungary] that rewarded success. So if the question is “Does the West know best?” – then, in my experience, the answer of Hungary and its neighbors is a firm “No.” [read more]

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