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Below are some examples of my digital branding and logo work. In developing the brand and logo, I take great care to bring meaning to the design:

American Hungarian Federation Logo Webenetics Logo
The American Hungarian Federation.
Custom Logo elements include the 13 stars of the original American Colonies symbolizing Hungarian sacrifices in the Revolutionary war surrounding the Hungarian Coat of Arms. I obtained trademark on behalf of the organization and design and manage their [Website]. Additional marketing materials included letterhead, notepads, lapel pins, banners [Posters, Medals, T-Shirts and Invitations]
Webenetics Corporation
Designed custom logo and motto, "The Science of Creative Information Engineering." In keeping with the science theme, I designed a DNA spiral-based figure with "e" head symbolizing electronic media and the company's software and Web-based work. I obtained a trademark on behalf of the organization and designed the [Website]
Maximilian's Catering Logo Rojas Contracting Logo
Maximilian's Catering
The Chef specialized in Mexican and Hungarian high cuisine. While at first glance a strange combination, history tells us that Mexico was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire under Emperor Maximilian who was executed following the royalist defeat the Battle of Puebla on Cinco de Mayo! I also designed the [Website]
Rojas Contracting
Rojas Contracting is a small, family-owned business whose owner's favorite phrase is "anything is possible." Taking that idea, I created an architectural-based logo incorporating the initials and a set of "impossible" stairs. Additional marketing materials included magnetic car signs and [T-Shirts]


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