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About Me

Growing up in a family of musicians and artists, I learned to view the world in a very unique way. I look. I see. I appreciate.Growing up in a family of musicians and artists, I learned to view the world in a very unique way. I look. I see. I appreciate.

I am based in Arlington, VA and I love interacting with people. I am a multilingual melange of Hungarian and Irish brought up in the diversity of Miami, Florida. I bring my unique view to everything I do. When I first moved to Washington in 1989, I realized I had a strange accent. I am passionate and a perfectionist which can lead to many a sleepless night.

I became interested in music, fine art, photography and graphics early on. My parents, after touring the US in a muscial review, eventually settled down and opened an art gallery and school where I learned much about color, light, and perspective (and communication). I developed an innate sense of dimension. As a Hungarian American, I was exposed to the works of 20th century classical masters such as Robert Capa, Brassaï, André Kertész, Lázslo Moholy-Nagy and Márton Munkácsi (the father of fashion photography), and later to more contemporary greats such as Sylvia Plachy. I love how these masters capture the human condition, freeze time and preserve emotion. They prove the mundane is really not... it all depends on how you see it. They invite us in... through their medium we can become, if only for a moment, them. Our eyes become their eyes as we share in their wonder and interpretation of the world.

Artistic manipulation of images is also fascinating to me. Vivid pop-art, hypercontrast and other effects add so many more dimensions. Oddly enough, the parents of the key figure in Pop Art, Andy Warhol, were also born in Hungary. After taking a photography class as an elective in college, I was hooked. Waiting for the perfect shot (or not so perfect) to unfold before your eyes in the darkroom was like a great mystery novel - at times satisfying, at times leaving you wanting for more, but never dull. While mostly gone are the days of darkrooms and film, the artistry, the key to great photography, continues. With the advent of the Internet Age, I began developing Websites and found a great outlet for my creativity which enabled to combine my many interests. As software continued its own evolution, I continued to experiment with graphic techniques.

I now live in Arlington, VA with my beautiful family who bring joy to my soul.A former scholarship recipient to the University of Miami School of Music (Musical Theatre and Jazz Vocal), I eventually changed majors to pursue a degree in International Relations, specializing in Soviet Studies and joined the Air Force ROTC. I moved to Washington, D.C. in 1989 for graduate school at The George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs. In my "real" life, I am a Program Manager in the Litigation Technology industry and also sing as a cantor and for weddings (the Apollo Theatre in NY was my career highlight as a vocalist!). My beautiful family brings joy to my soul. I truly enjoy creating and I look forward to working with you.

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