• For 12 days, countless Hungarian teenagers fought in the bloody Hungarian Revolution against Communist tyranny and overwhelming Soviet armor. They set up tank barricades, tossed Molotov cocktails, and with their confiscated Russian submachine guns made a stand on the streets of Budapest, hoping to hold out until help arrived from the West. But there was no help. Nobody came to their aid. Peter Hargitai's "Daughter of the Revolution," is the story of one such brave freedom fighter-a 14 year-old girl.Prof. Hargitai, Peter (American Academy of Poets award winner): "Daughter of the Revolution: A Novel" (2006 - A story of a brave freedom fighter - a 14 year-old girl) is available on on "Daughter of the Revolution" by Peter Hargitai is available on AHF's Amazon bookstore! Read more about the book and the author on the American Hungarian Federation's site
  • Gergely, Árpád: The Face Behind I Hide (2006 in honor of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution) Read more and see how to order from the author directly.
  • Kalman, Bobbie: Read more about how to order Bobbie Kalman's "Refugee Child" her own story as a 9-year-old refugee from the 1956 Hungarian RevolutionBobbie is co-founder of Crabtree Publishing Company and has authored over 400 children's books. Her most recent book, "Refugee Child," chronicles her own experiences as a 9- year-old refugee from the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.
    • Click here to learn how to order, "Refugee Child" (July 2006)
    • find more books by Bobbie Kalman on Buy books by AHF's Bobbie Kalman, co-founder of Crabtree Publishing Company and author of over 400 children's books, including "Refugee Child" her own story as a 9-year-old refugee from the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
  • Dr. Kasza, Lajos (Louis):
    (Contact (954) 971-0374)
    • Eveim Amerikaban es Angliaban (1998)
    • Zrinyista Lanyok (2000)
    • Budapestol Washingtonig: Egy menekült magyar állatorvos élete (1997)
    • Budapest - Wien - Washington (1999 in German)
    • Hardships and Joys of an Exiled Cancer Researcher:
      The Life of a Political Refugee in America and England (2003)
      Purchase on
  • "Dreaming of Amerika" by gabe Kubichek is available on AHF's Amazon bookstore!Kubichek, Gabe: Dreaming of Amerika [read more] or buy now on "Dreaming of Amerika" by gabe Kubichek is available on AHF's Amazon bookstore!
  • Liptak, Bela:
    Liptak: A Testament of Revolution (2000)A Testament of Revolution (2000). Purchase and/or read more about the books on Also available in Hungarian
  • McEldowney, Rebecca (2006): Soul of Flesh: A Novel of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, available on AmazonMcEldowney, Rebecca (2006)
    Soul of Flesh: A Novel of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Purchase on Buy  Rebecca McEldowney Books on Amazon
    or [read more]
  • Thomas P. Muhl: "Retouching Stalin’s Moustache" available on AHF's Amazon bookstore!Muhl, Thomas P.: "Retouching Stalin’s Moustache" available on AHF's Amazon bookstore! [Click Here] to order on Thomas P. Muhl: "Retouching Stalin’s Moustache" available on AHF's Amazon bookstore! or
    [read more] about the book
  • Szablya, Helen M: The Fall of the Red Star (A Vörös Csillag Lehüll) [read more] or buy now on Buy Helen Szablya's book, "The Fall of the Red Star" is a story of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution through the eyes of an "illegal" boy scout troop.
  • Tarko, Paul:
    Gulag to Rhapsody (2002 with Mason Loika)
    Purchase on
  • Teglas, Csaba:
    Budapest Exit: A Memoir of Fascism, Communism, and Freedom (1998) Published by Texas A&M University Press. Available on . Also available at Barnes&Noble and Borders bookstores.
  • Dr. Tuba, Istvan:
    The Third Resource: A Universal Ideology of Economics. The universal Tuba Doctrines will revolutionize man's thinking about world economics (2005) Available on Buy The Third Resource by Dr. Istvan Tuba on Amazon
  • Dr. Reiner, Janos:
    The 1956 Hungarian Revolution:
    A History in Documents
    (2002), a National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book
    Edited by Malcolm Byrne. Readers are also encouraged to visit the National Security Archive's reading room at George Washington University's Gelman Library (Suite 701) to view the original versions of these documents, and the many related materials. See an overview at GWU or purchase on .

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  • The Hungarian Revolution - Uprising, Budapest 1956: A synoptic treatise of a major political event of the 20th Century, a historically tragic period in the life of a nation commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Revolution and the fallen brave. By: Attila J. Ürményházi )Hobart, Tasmania) and edited by Bryan Dawson-Szilágyi [download]
  • Hungarian Memorials and Markers in the USA: An ongoing AHF project to collect and preserve the memory of sites in the United States named for Hungarian contributions. [download] Do you know of a site to add? Review the document and then [contact us]
  • "The Hungarian Revolution and America’s Decision Not to Intervene: A Personal Statement" by Thomas J. Torda, Ph.D., Fairfax, VA, November 2006. [a summary of the author’s 6000-word article on this subject submitted to the September 2006 conference in Budapest on the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution] " many Hungarian-Americans, I feel that the US Government made serious mistakes both in the years before the Revolution and during the Revolution itself."- By Thomas J. Torda, Ph.D., Fairfax, VA, November 2006 [download SHORT version]
    [download FULL version]
  • Final Communique of the American Hungarian Federation: HON. CONGRESSMAN EDWARD F. FEIGHAN (Extension of Remarks - in the House of Representatives, November 21, 1989). A statement on the future of American Hungarian relations after the fall of communism in Hungary. [download]

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