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Book Highlight - Gabe Kubichek: "Dreaming of Amerika"

Gabe Kubichek's Dreaming of Amerika is a vivid recount of childhood in Depression Era Hungary coming of age during The Second World War, and his adult eyewitness to the dawn of Hungarian Revolution in 1956. The narrative is strikingly present, relating events as if they occurred last week. Kubichek takes us inside a changing society and illustrates the daily fear of German occupation, Russian advance, and Communist control. Woven throughout is Kubichek's perserverance to come to America, sparked initially by his entrancement with tales of cowboys and gold mines he heard from older brothers Vili and Matt. The course his life takes is guided by the zeal to journey to the nation of freedom in the West. An obstacle confronted Kubichek's dream - his father had joined the Fascist Party as a means of securing employment. This fact stigmatized young Gabe, and government knowledge of it thwarted his efforts in education and the military.

Striving still for as full a life as possible, he learns, loves, and lives the best he can. There is important history here, particularly the accounts of the bloody uprising of October 1956, and the author's covert activity in Vietnam after he earned American citizenship. Dreaming of Amerika is at once entertaining and inspirational, a quest for freedom through the eyes of one who did not take it for granted.

Publisher: Lumina Press, 2005
PO Box 772246, Coral Springs, FL 33077-2246
1-866-229-9244, orders@llumina.com
ISBN 1595262741 $26.95 320 pp.

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How to Order

"Dreaming of Amerika" by Gabe Kubichek is available on AHF's Amazon bookstore! [Click Here] to order on "Dreaming of Amerika" by gabe Kubichek is available on AHF's Amazon bookstore!

A Testimonial

"The style of presenting the story is highly appealing, yet simple and clear at the same time, showing that Gabe is able to achieve his goal, that is, to inform readers about the turbulent event he witnessed and entertain them as well... Dreaming of Amerika is undoubtedly a good story that has also get historic value and will satisfy the demanding reader." - Midwest Book Review

About the Author

Gabe G. Kubichek was born in 1933, in Gödöllö, about twenty miles northeast of Budapest, Hungary. Gabe grew up during the Depression and World War II in Hungary, and came of age during takeover by a brutal communist regime. While in the Hungarian Army he leaked military information to US intelligence. He was never caught. Kubichek was involved in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and witnessed the massacre of several hundred innocent people by the AVO, the feared Hungarian secret police. After the Russians crushed the Revolution, Kubichek fled to Canada with his brother Matt and became an American citizen in 1970.

In 2006, Gabe published another book titled, GOLD AND WHERE YOU FIND IT: There's Gold in Them Thar Hills! Gabe is a member of the American Hungarian Federation.

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