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AHF and the Georgian Crisis

CEEC meeting with the White House9/11/2008 - American Hungarian Federation Participates in Meeting with White House Officials on Crisis in Georgia... AHF along with other members of the Central and East European Coalition (“CEEC”) met on September 9, 2008 at the White House with officials from the National Security Council (“NSC”) to discuss the crisis in Georgia and related matters, including U.S. engagement in Central and Eastern Europe, NATO enlargement, aid to Georgia and other aid packages to the region and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

The Federation is an active member of the CEEC and has issued statements on Hungary and the joint declaration by Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland condemning the Russian invasion of Georgia and while supporting minority rights, including autonomy, strongly opposing the manipulation of minorities to advance a large power’s aggressive designs against its weaker neighbors.

Frank Koszorus, Jr., co-president of the Federation participated in the meeting.
Pictured are:

Front row (left to right): Marju Rink-Abel (Estonian American National Council), Maria Germano (National Security Council), Damon Wilson (Senior Director for European Affairs, National Security Council), Armand Scala (Congress of Romanian Americans).

Top row (left to right): Joel Scanlon (Office of Strategic Initiatives and External Affairs, The White House), Brian McCormack (Office of Strategic Initiatives and External Affairs, The White House), Karl Altau (Joint Baltic American National Committee), Nino Japaridze (Georgian Association), Mamuka Tsereteli (Georgian Association), Eszter Eva Nagy (Hungarian American Coalition), Frank Koszorus, Jr. (American Hungarian Federation), Adam Sterling (National Security Council), Michael Sawkiw (Ukrainian Congress Committee of America), Stephanie Urban (Lithuanian American Community)

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