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The AHF Disaster Relief Fund: 2010 Flooding magyarul [magyarul]

The Alapítvány President and AHF Co-President Balogh Gyula (seen here) and its Co-President Dreisziger Zsuzsanna (who put together the relief effort) and Merczel Sándor President of Kincsem Hungária (which provided the logistical support) traveled from Budapest to Boldva, Edelény, and Szendrő to review the local situation and deliver the supplies.7/14/2010 UPDATE: AHF co-sponsors delivery of 10,000 pounds of Flood Relief Supplies [read more]

7/20/2010 UPDATE: AHF co-sponsors free summer camp for 100 children of the flood [read more]

Devastating Flooding in Hungary - Help now!2010 Devastating Flooding in Hungary - Help now! The American Hungarian Federation is joining forces with its sister organization inHungary, the Amerikai Magyar Klub, under its "Amerikaiak a Magyarokért Közhasznú Alapítvány (AMKA)," to raise funds to helpfamilies affected by devastating flooding. AMKA is a registered nonprofit foundation in Hungary. AMKA is headed by AHF Co-President Balogh Gyula who is personally overseeing distribution of aid. Your tax-deductible donations to AHF go directly to help victims in Hungary.

Devastating Flooding in Hungary - Help now!Relief supplies will be purchased and delivered by AMKA and assited by the Hungarian Municipalities European Federation
(Magyar Önkormányzat Európai Szövetsége - MOESZ), an association of municipalities in Hungary with contacts with most of the local mayors. See more photos from Máté Péter at Magyar Nemzet.

[Download the Brochure ]

MTI 2010-05-17 09:29 -
The outgoing Prime Minister declared a state of emergency in flood-hit areas in northeast Hungary on Monday. The PM said the declaration was necessary to help flood defence forces in some 60 towns and villages get access to immediate assistance from national sources. Heavy rain and storms have caused serious damage and thousands of residents have been displaced in several parts
of Hungary.

So far around 2,100 inhabitants have been forced to leave their houses. Most of the displacement centres are in the north-east, where 1,900 have been evacuated, some in rubber boats, National Disaster Authority spokesman Gyorgy Szentes told MTI.
Damage to the country's roads now total several hundred million forints, road management company Magyar Kozut told MTI in a statement. Seventy percent of Hungary's roads have been flooded or washed out, the document added. The M1 motorway has been fully closed near Gyor as a result of flooding and will remain closed for several days. The motorway is a major route connecting Budapest and
the main border crossing with Austria at Hegyeshalom.

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„Adjatok, néktek is adatik;
mert azzal a mértékkel mérnek néktek, amellyel ti is mértek.”
- Lukács ev.6.38

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