10/9/2004 - AHF General Meeting to be held in New Brunswick on October 9, 2004. AHF sent out an invitation and press release inviting all members and prospective members to join AHF and participate in this important meeting that ushers in discussions on the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Revolution. Other agenda items include accepting new By-laws to govern the organization.

October 12, 2004

Bryan Dawson-Szilagyi, Vice President, AHF at
(202) 737-0127
National Press Building #809
Washington D.C. 20045

AMERICAN HUNGARIAN FEDERATION SUCCESSFULLY REORGANIZES... The American Hungarian Federation confirms new Leadership and by-laws.

The American Hungarian Federation, established in 1906, is among the oldest ethnic organizations in the United States. AHF was established as an association of Hungarian societies, institutions and churches to “defend the interests of Americans of Hungarian origin in the United States.”

The AHF last met on March 27th, elected an interim leadership, and outlined its plans to revitalize and unite the Hungarian community under this prestigious umbrella organization. The new leadership emphasized the need to increase cooperation and coordination among all Hungarian organizations and individuals. AHF also emphasized the need to bring Hungarian-related issues to the forefront in the media and US Congress and represent the needs of the Hungarian-American community in various topics from Visa’s to scholarships to the promotion of human rights and justice for Hungarians beyond the borders.
In its General Meeting on October 9th, 2004, AHF confirmed its new leadership, accepted new by-laws, and discussed plans for the future that include expanding membership and fundraising, decentralizing responsibilities and creating regional offices, applying technology, supporting scholarships, establishing a media and information office, and commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

In discussing the divisions that once crippled the organization, Stephen Varga, the newly elected President of AHF, said, “We will no longer allow those negative forces to diminish or new found enthusiasm and spirit of togetherness. I call on all Hungarians and Hungarian Organizations to join with me, William Penn, the Hungarian Reformed Federation, the Hungarian Churches, and other venerable Hungarian organizations to join with us in rebuilding the American Hungarian Federation not for ourselves but for our future generations.”

Bryan Dawson-Szilagyi, AHF’s Vice President commented, “I am from a new generation. I am not interested in past divisions, but rather in what is to come. We have so much work to do. We have many new members that are ready to take on the challenges we face. Our biggest challenge is convincing the American-Hungarian community that the change of direction within AHF is very real. Our incredible successes over the past year serve as a testament to this. We supported the successful Szelmenc project initiated by the Center for Hungarian American Congressional Relations (www.chacr.org) and the recently organized Congressional Hungarian Caucus; spoke out on important topics from NATO to church restitutions in Transylvania and Trans-Carpathia; and funded scholarships. Our Website shows our story. Our next challenge is to reach out to the 2nd and 3rd generation Hungarian Americans that feel, as I do, a genuine love for their heritage and a desire to leave a stronger and more united Hungarian-American community which is able to continue the noble work started by our forefathers and preserve the traditions, institutions and memorials established in the past 150 years.”

For more information contact Dr. Paul Szilagyi at (305) 919-7159 or [Download the Invitation] [Download the News Release]

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