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Featured Member: Gabby Tary

Gabby Tary is an artist and comedian originally from Budapest, Hungary. She now resides in Santa Monica, and recently authored her first book, "Congratulations, it's a Communism." She was a principal on television favorities including "The Arsenio Hall Show" and has performed at multiple venues across the United States and in Hungary.

Gabby Tary was born in Budapest, Hungary. Growing up in Budapest during the communist regime, Gabby has an intense sense of history and a profound insight into human nature, influencing her work. Respect and love for people was instilled in her from childhood experiencing the human on human brutality, where life had changed little during the cruel authority of Stalin's terror.

The family left Hungary in 1956 following the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Gabby fought in the Hungarian revolution and has intense love for democracy and freedom.

Gabby Tary is an artist and comedian originally from Budapest, Hungary.After living in New York City for twenty years she settled in Santa Monica, California. Then after thirty years working in the film industry, Gabby begin a new career and became a comedian and full time artist working in oil and acrylic.

A woman with many talents, she says she was pushed into writing a book when she saw that democracy in the United States was being threatened by the Tea Party movement. She writes, "I was shocked when I heard 125 million Americans did not vote in the 2010 midterm election. Apparently, an urban legen was circulating that it's not important to vote in midterm elections. I'm afraid the Tea Party proved that wrong. I didn't think it was possible for the Tea Party to win. The Tea Party is just too insane. I was so frustrated. I wanted to go in front of Congress and set myself on fire, carrying the sign: 'Don't let the Tea Party assassinate democracy.' But my daughter talked me out of it. She said, "Mom, maybe you should write a book." So, I took her advice." She added, that her book is a "political comedy about America metamorphosing into a communistic society. Communists or republicans what's the difference. Cruel austerity is the same no matter what the label is. I dedicate this book to my classmates who died in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. They were fighting for what Americans take for granted, democracy. And I also dedicate this book to the billions of courageous men and women who died throughout the ages so we can have the freedom to be all that we can be. If it wasn’t for these brave men and women we'd still be picking lice out of each other’s fur instead of texting."

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Gabby's Career Highlights:


  • "Arsenio Hall Show" Principal Arsinio Hall Productions
  • "Collective Stories" Principal PBS
  • "Eletbevago"(Moonshadow) Co-Star Hungarian T.V.


  • American Life Principal Madonna


  • "Patient Diversity" Principal Armstrong Moving Pictures
  • "Harvest" Lead U.S.C.
  • "A.K.A. Birds Eye" Principal AKA Birdseye Production
  • "Dog Catcher" Principal Walt Disney Production
  • "Good Guy/Bad Guy" Lead L.A.F.S.


  • "Lost In Yonkers" Grandma Herbert Berghof Theater
  • "Plaza Suit" Karen Nash Herbert Berghof Theater
  • "The Killing Of Sister George" June Buckridge (Sister George) Herbert Berghof Theater
  • "A Lie of the Mind" Lorraine Herbert Berghof Theater/New York
  • "Three Tall Women" B Herbert Berghof Theater/New York
  • Budapest Repertory Theater Member of the Company/Leading Roles Budapest Repertory Theater /Budapest, Hungary


  • Comedy Cellar/New York Stand Up Comic Regular - 1year
  • New York Comedy Club/New York Stand Up Comic Regular - 1year
  • Surf Reality/New York Stand Up Comic

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Samples of Gabby Tary's Artwork

Not only can you purchase Gabby Tary's fine art originals, she also offers high-quality prints that can be matted and framed via Imagekind. See her Official Site and Gallery and [buy online]

Gabby Tary: "My Immigration"

Gabby Tary: Empress

Gabby Tary: Petals

Gabby Tary: New York News Stand

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