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AHF Presents: Tiszta Szív! - Transylvanian Girls School Choir

The American Hungarian Federation and the Embassy of the Republic of Hungary invite you to the concert of “Tiszta Szív” Girls School ChoirThe American Hungarian Federation and the Embassy of the Republic of Hungary invite you to the concert of “Tiszta Szív Leánykórus” (Pure Heart) Girls Choir from Kovászna County (now in Rumania).

Join us for an unforgettable concert and enjoy the voice of angels singing compositions of world famous composers such as: G. P. di Palestrina, Franz Schubert, Zoltán Kodály, László Halmos, Béla Bartók, and Luca Marenzio.

The concert is free. However, your donations to support the choir are much appreciated!

Donate to AHF!
If you cannot attend, please help the chorus! The American Hungarian Federation is an all-volunteer, 501(C)(3) non-profit, charitable organization (TIN: 34-1253539). Your donations may be tax deductible; please consult your financial advisor.

Or print out the [Membership Registration Form] and include a check made out to:

American Hungarian Federation
Tiszta Sziv DC 2011
C/O Tamas Teglassy, Treasurer
1805 Snow Meadow Lane, # 103
Baltimore MD 21209

DC Event Committee

Special thanks to Béla Gedeon, Cultural Attaché (kulturális attasé)
and the Embassy of Hungary in Washington, DC

Zsuszanna Seres, Event Chair
American Hungarian Federation

Zoltan Bagdy,
Cultural Committee Chair, American Hungarian Federation

Bryan Dawson
Executive Chairman, American Hungarian Federation

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Washington, DC Invitation / Meghivó
September 22, 2011

The American Hungarian Federation and the Embassy of the Republic of Hungary invite you to the concert of “Tiszta Szív” Girls School Choir
[download the DC invitation]

Thursday, September 22, 7:00 p.m. Embassy of the Republic of Hungary
3910 Shoemaker Street, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20008

R.S.V.P. by Friday, September 20th via phone: (202) 362-6730/201 or email: rsvp.was@kum.hu

For more information, please visit:
www.americanhungarianfederation.org or www.huembwash.org
With questions email: zsuzsanna.seres@yahoo.com

Additional concerts on September 10 and 11 (New Brunswick and Passaic, NJ), September 20 (Wallingord CT). See below!

Invitation / Meghivó
September 20, 2011

The Hungarian Community Club, Wallingford, CT

The Hungarian Community Club is pleased to present a unique opportunity to listen to 'Tiszta Sziv' - or 'Pure Heart'.  This incredible Girls' Chorus from Transylvania will be at the club, 147 Ward St, Wallingford, Ct, on Tuesday September 20, 2011 at 7:30 pm.  The chorus will feature selections from classical ecclesiastical and secular works, folksongs and compositions by Bardos, Bartok, and Kodaly.  Songs will be performed in both Hungarian and English.  Admission is free, but voluntary contributions will be gratefully accepted to help defray costs. Light snacks and refreshments will be available.  For information please call Barbara (203-269-9768), Linda (203-634-0602) or Kathy (203-213-3775) or email us at HCCofWallingford@gmail.com

Passaic, NJ: September 11, 2011
Hungarian Reformed Church - Magyar Református Egyház
2011. szeptember 11-én vasárnap délután 5.30 órai kezdettel ismét vendégünk a kovásznai Tiszta Sziv leánykórus. Finom rántott húsos vacsorával egybekötött fellépésük a Magyar Református Egyháznál lesz, 220 Fourth Str. Passaic, NJ 07055. Műsoron Tolcsvay: Magyar mise, valamint magyar népdalok, világi zene.

New Brunswick, NJ:
10, 2011
Saint Ladislaus Church
Tiszta Szív (Pure Heart) Girls’ Choir from Kovászna,Transylvania at 7:00 PM, on Saturday, September 10, 2011 in our beautiful Church located at 213 Somerset Street, New Brunswick, NJ. The program will feature selections from the classical ecclesiastical and secular musical literature, folksongs and compositions by Bárdos, Bartók and Kodály.  The ensemble will also perform songs in English. Conducted by Béla Cseh
Admission is FREE - Voluntary contributions are requested and highly appreciated.
 Szent László Római Katolikus Templom és Egyházi Tanácsa szeretettel hív mindenkit a iszta Szív Leánykórus hangversenyére 2011 szeptember 10-én, szombat este 7:00 órai kezdettel a Szent László templomban 213 Somerset Street, New Brunswick, NJ
A Kórus klasszikus egyházi és világi zeneműveket, népdalokat, Bárdos, Bartók és Kodály szerzeményeket ad elő.  Az Együttes műsorában angol nyelvű dalok is szerepelnek.

Karvezető: Cseh Béla
 Az előadás INGYENES - Önkéntes hozzájárulásokat köszönettel kérünk és várunk.

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