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News, Magazines and Analyses

  • For excellent news and analysis from Hungary every week in English visit the ISYS Hungary Network or...
    For daily news from Hungary in the Hungarian language, see Sajtó
    or the new and well designed site of the Hungarian newspaper, Népszava
  • The Magyar Narancs a weekly political magazine is an excellent site in Hungarian.
  • The HVG or World Economic Weekly is on-line.  In Hungarian with link to English mirror.
  • See what's being covered in Hungary from the US in The Washington Post Hungary Section. Site includes currency exchange, on-line news resources, weather and links.
  • Hudir has an excellent page listing numerous on-line magazines for a wide variety of interests including youth resources (Diák Ujságok). In Hungarian.
  • This site is located in Pozsony, Felvidék (Slovakia) and has a list of Hungarian on-line resources: Napilapok és Ujságok.

On-line Information Resources

  • Destination Hungary is a great site with a wealth of information on Hungary, including photos, travel info., and many resources.
  • The Hungarian Pavilion is an incredible site! Set up to support the World Expo in 1996, there is so much here I couldn't spare the room. Well-designed and beautifully written, you'll find history, unusual topics, information on the Millecentenarium (Hungary's 1100th birthday), background on Heroes' Square and Great Hungarians, photos and articles on numerous topics. Don't miss this! In English or Hungarian.
  • Go to the Hungarian News Group and read news and postings from all over the world. Post your own comments or articles and make new connections with fellow Hungarians & Hungarophiles.
  • The Hungarian Web Site is maintained in Hungary and has a "plethora" ("Tell me, Jefe, what is a plethora?" - El Guapo) of information on Hungary in both an English and Hungarian version.
    The Site includes:
    - City information for travelers on Budapest, Szeged, Keszthely, Győr, the   
       Balaton area, etc.
    - Currency converter
    - Hungarian-English/English-Hungarian Dictionary
    - Hungarian Language Course
    - History
    - Geography
    - CIA World Fact Book Link
    - Weather report (in Hungarian only)
    - Hungarian Web Servers
  • Hungarian Online Resources at the University of Maryland, has many links to resources related to Hungarian issues including archives and usenet groups.
  • Hungary.Com is another great site loaded with Hungarian resources, including its own pop-up search engine, a handy Hungarian zip code search tool, links to the government, Hix, News, Magazines, and to HipCat's Hungary Page!
  • The Hollosi Information Exchange is a great site with a variety of free services related to Hungary and Hungarian issues, including daily news downloads in English and Hungarian, online information and magazines, address databases, jokes, and more.
  • Romanian news and other political and cultural developments from the Romanian point of view can be found at this well designed site called The Romanian Political Pages. Interesting.
  • István Cserny's Bookmarks is an extensive list of Hungarian links.

Cultural Organizations

  • The Hungarian Culture Homepage is a very well designed site with searchable database of Cultral Organizations, information on festivals and links to other sites. In English or Hungarian.
  • The Hungarian Human Rights Foundation monitors human rights issues affecting Hungarians living in neighboring countries. Visit them and lend your support.
  • The premier Hungarian Dance troupe in the Washington, DC area is The Tisza Ensemble. Drop them a line and come to one of their "táncház" or "dance houses" and learn a few steps from the old world. Usually Saturday nights near College Park, Maryland.

    There is also a Hungarian Folklore Listserve - Magyar Folklór Lista that informs subscribers of upcoming events in the mid-Atlantic area.  To subscribe, send an e-mail to: with the word "subscribe" in the body. 
  • For information on folk traditions, including Transylvanian wedding traditions, visit the the Hungarian Folklor site.  Most information in Hungarian.  Includes Chat, and many links.
  • The American-Hungarian Museum in Passaic, New Jersey was established to preserve, exhibit and cultivate Hungarian culture in one of the largest Hungarian communities in the United States. The MUSEUM specializes in the collection of memorabilia from the community, valuable folk art treasures, folk-crafts, and examples of the art.

Governmental Links & Resources

Hungarian Businesses on the Web

  • Visit Fine Arts by ZsuZsa, see examples of her beautiful work, and order custom designed oil and acrylic paintings! She ships anywhere.
  • One of the most impressive and well-designed sites on the can be found at the Museum of Wolfgang Alexander Kossuth. His sculptures are world-renowned and simply beautiful! But is he related to Lajos?
  • Visit the Zsolnay Store and see beautiful pieces of authentic Zsolnay ceramics available for purchase.
  • The Zsolnay Tile Museum has more to offer and includes a photo of Vilmos Zsolnay and background on him and the company.
  • If you like art and are in the market to invest in this beautiful field or just want to browse through some stunning paintings, visit Le Galerie. This site has a number of well known 19th and 20th century Hungarian artists.
  • Say hello to Tom and order from the catalogue of Otto's Hungarian Import Store & Deli. You can visit them in Burbank, California, or write and they'll ship anywhere. Anyone for some Gesztenye Puree (Chestnut Puree)?

Travel and Tourism

  • Traveling to Hungary? Go to QUATRA "a dynamically developing travel agency based in Budapest, Hungary," providing a wide range of services from accommodation to transport, from sightseeing to various other programs. They even have on-line hotel reservations and a virtual tour of Hungary! In English and Spanish.
  • offers hotel rooms all over Budapest and Hungary and provide lots of useful information about Hungary.

Miscellaneous Resources

  • Going to Hungary?  Need E-mail?  Drótposta provides free Email service.  Site is in Hungarian.

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