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Hungarian Coat of Arms  


Hungary - Magyarország

  • Eva Kende is the author of Eva's Hungarian Kitchen and Eva's Kitchen Confidence and maintains a great site.
  • See June Meyer's Homepage for some delicious family recipes from Hungary, including Transylvania!
  • Visit the Berkeley Recipes Archive for more great Hungarian recipes and recipes from all over the world.
  • Say hello to Tom and order from the catalogue of Otto's Hungarian Import Store & Deli. You can visit them in Burbank, California, or write and they'll ship anywhere. Anyone for some Gesztenye Puree (Chestnut Puree)?
  • "Food is not so much about taste as it is about love."  Go to the Hungry Hungarian for a nicely designed site with great recipes and additional links.
  • Visit János Mohácsi's Some Savory Courses for some more delicious recipes!
  • Learn about Hungarian Wines and the various wine-producing regions in Hungary.
  • Wine lovers may enjoy the Wine Lovers' Page which includes reviews of some Hungarian wines.


  • Here's a fantastically rich and well designed link to some delicious recipes from South of the Border!! These are authentic recipes compiled by the University of Guadalajara from many parts of Mexico. Visit and discover some of what Mexican food is all about. It's far more than tacos and burritos!  When Austro-Hungarian Emperor Maximilian ruled Mexico, he introduced a new style of music which has evolved to become what is known today as "Mariachi."  He fell in love with Mexico as I am sure you would, so visit  La Cocina Mexicana.

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