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Hungarian Coat of Arms

When Nobel Laureate Enrico Fermi was asked if he believed in extraterrestrials, he replied, "They are already here...they are called Hungarians!"

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Did you know that the developers of the atomic bomb; the holograph; moon rover; Model T Ford; and the fathers of binary code, BASIC and computer programming; the atomic bomb, nuclear engineering; the California wine industry; the U.S. Cavalry; the Model T Ford; matches; color television; full-length motion pictures; the carburetor; the Zeppelin; the automatic gearbox; the moon rover; Intel Corporation; and of the U.S. aerospace industry are all Hungarian-Americans? And what about Joseph Pulitzer, of "Pulitzer Prize" fame? There's much more to his story. And can you believe there was a Hungarian Emperor of Madagascar?

This list is far from incluive, but exemplifies, along with the other sections, the Hungarian Genius! Many of these will surprise you. They sure surprised me. The number of these incredible people is astounding given the size of the Hungarian population in the entire world is around 20 million. I have received submissions from all over the world (see "Special Thanks").

Click to [Submit] a Famous Hungarian. Please include a resource for verification purposes. I do get quite a bit of hate mail regarding this site and this list.  History can so easily be corrupted by nationalism. To maintain the high standards and integrity of this site, submissions cannot be accepted without a verifiable resource.


Master Name Index (Alphabetical with Appropriate Section in Link)

  1. Don Adams - Record setting Triple Emmy Award and Clio Award Winning Actor, Director, Screenwriter - Get Smart!
  2. Florian Albert - Soccer Great - World Cup scoring title and European Soccer Player of the Year: the "Gold Ball" of 1967
  3. Franz (Gabriel) Alexander - Physician and Psychoanalyst: Psychoanalytic Pioneer - Father of Psychosomatic Medicine 
  4. Count Ede Laszlo Almasy - Explorer, Double Agent! Immortalized in "The English Patient"
  5. Geza Anda - Acclaimed Pianist: The "Troubador of the Piano"
  6. Anonymous - Inventor of the Carriage or "Coach"
  7. Lt. Colonel Albert Anzelm Civil War Hero: General Fremont's Chief-of-Staff
  8. General Alexander Asboth - US Chief-of-Staff, US Minister to Argentina
  9. Oscar AsbothEngineer - Student of Theodore Kármán and Helicopter Pioneer
  10. Bob Babbitt - Legendary, Two-time Grammy-award winning Electric Bass Player earning 25 Gold and platinum records playing on over 200 top 40 hits.  An "Icon of the Groove" helping to "define the era of the 1960's." Part of the Funk Brothers: "the Greatest Hit Machine in Modern Music."
  11. Donat Banki - Co-Invented the Carburetor
  12. Robert Barany - Nobel Prize 1914 - "For his work on the physiology and pathology of the vestibular apparatus"
  13. Bela Barenyi  - Engineer, Auto Safety Pioneer - Father of the Volkswagen Beetle, Passive Safety, Occupant Safety Cell, Collapsible Steering System, AND the Seat Belt!
  14. Victor Barna - Legendary Table Tennis Champion  - "The Greatest Table Tennis Player that ever Lived"
  15. Madeleine Forro Barnothy - Astrophysicist, Pioneer in the study of Cosmic Radiation, Bio-Magnetism and Magnetic Therapy, first Woman to earn a doctorate in physics in Hungary!
  16. Drew Barrymore - Actress, Model, Producer, Philanthropist, "America's Sweetheart"
  17. Bela Bartok - Composer, ethnomusicologist
  18. Zoltan Bay - Physicist: First to use radar to take measurements of the moon
  19. Antal Bejczy - Engineer - Developed Mars Rover "Sojourner," and Pathfinder's Remote Control System
  20. George von Bekesy  - Nobel Prize 1961 - "For his discoveries concerning the physical mechanisms of stimulation within the cochlea."
  21. Laszlo "Laci" Bellak - Table Tennis Legend - Seven-time World Champion, Hall of Famer
  22. Laszlo Benedek - Producer/Director/Writer of "The Wild One" fame
  23. Pal Benko - Legendary Chess Champion Grand Master - only man to beat Bobby Fisher in ' 62 and US Chess Hall of Famer
  24. Les Besser - Engineer: “Father of microwave computer-aided design” Microwave Engineering
  25. Cicciolina (Ilona Staller) - Actress, Politician - Queen of Euro Porn through the 80's and 90's - Member of Parliament! Co-founder of Italy's Green Party
  26. Count Moric Benyovszky - Emperor of Madagascar!
  27. Count Laszlo Bercsenyi - Huszár, Founder of the modern French Cavalry! Marshal of France
  28. Gabor Bernath - Inventor, Computer Prodigy: at 15 Invented the commercially viable 3d Scanner, "ScanGuru," and won the 50th Intel ISEF
  29. Peter Besenyei  - World Champion Aerobat
  30. Jozsef Laszlo BiroInventor - Developed the ballpoint pen in 1938 AND the automatic gearbox for automobiles.
  31. Otto BlathyOne in the "Great Triad"of Electrical Engineers at Ganz: Father of the electric transformer, the tension regulator,  the watt meter, the alternating current motor, the turbogenerator and high efficiency turbogenerator.
  32. Hugo BockhGeologist who discovered Iran's oil fields
  33. Ladislau (Laszlo) Boloni - Soccer Player and Rumanian National Team Head Coach
  34. Farkas Bolyai -  Mathematician
  35. Janos BolyaiMathematician - Discovered non-Euclidian hyperbolic geometry
  36. Julius BorosGolf Legend
  37. Adrien Brody - Actor - Oscar Nominated for "The Pianist"
  38. Imre Brody - Physicist: Father of the Krypton Electric Bulb
  39. J. Edward Bromberg, AKA Joe Bromberg - Actor on the Big Screen and Broadway, McCarthy Black-listee
  40. Joe Bugner - (WBF) World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Australian Heavyweight Champion - Fought Muhammad Ali for the world title twice!
  41. Robert Capa - Acclaimed Photojournalist: "One of the greatest photojournalists of the 20th century" and "The Greatest War Photographer in the World"
  42. Louis CK - Emmy Award-winning comedian and writer, television and film producer and director
  43. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - Renowned Psychologist - Father of "Flow Theory," former Chair of University of Chicago's Department of Psychology, and Bestselling Author
  44. Marton Csokas - Acclaimed Actor - "The Kiwi who Infiltrated Hollywood"
  45. Sandor Korosi Csoma(Alexander Csoma de Koros) Explorer and Scholar "Father of Tibetan Studies and Buddhist Culture" Walked from Hungary to Tibet and presented the world with the first Tibetan dictionary and grammar and became a Buddhist Saint!
  46. Janos Csonka - Co-Invented the carburetor
  47. Larry Csonka - Miami Dolphins' Perfect Season Super Bowl Runningback, Super Bowl VIII MVP and Hall of Famer.
  48. Tivadar Csontvary (Kosztka)  - Famed Painter: Picasso once chided Chagall that he could not produce a painting half as good as one of Csontvary's!
  49. Gabor Csupo - Leader of the new generation of animation. 5 EMMYS and 2 CABLE ACE Awards - produced Rugrats and the Simpsons
  50. Charles Csuri - "Father of Digital Art!"
  51. George CukorDouble Oscar-Winning Director
  52. Jamie Lee Curtis - Actress...Best Legs in Hollywood?
  53. Tony Curtis - Oscar-Nominated Actor, Artist, and Hollywood Legend!
  54. Michael CurtizOscar Winning Director of "Casablanca"
  55. Huba Wass de Czege - Brigadier General, US Army Founding Director of the US Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies and Architect of AirLand Battle Doctrine
  56. Georges Cziffra - World-renowned, Legendary Concert Pianist: The "virtuoso showman at the keyboard!"
  57. Joseph Dallos - Physician - The First Modern, Molded Contact Lenses!
  58. Frank Darabont - Director/Writer - Two Oscar Nominations for The Green Mile, "One of the best writer/directors of his generation"
  59. Nicholas DeakBanker, Finanacier. Received the surrender of the Japanese in Burma in WWII.  Founder of Deak-Perera, the nation's "oldest and largest foreign exchange and precious metals investment firm
  60. Robert Deak - Banker, Financier and Father of the Secured Credit Card
  61. Mihaly Denes  - Mechanical Engineer - Father of Sound Film and Television Broadcasting: Produced the first television program in history!
  62. Miksa Deri - One in the "Great Triad"of Electrical Engineers at Ganz: Developed A/C electric generator
  63. Dr. Hans von Dohnanyi - WWII hero of German resistance!
  64. Kristof (Christoph) von Dohnanyi Conductor (Cleveland) of the "Country's Greatest Orchestra"
  65. Erno (Ernst) von Dohnanyi - Pianist, composer, conductor, and pedagogue
  66. Antal DoratiAcclaimed Conductor and Composer
  67. Istvan Dorogi - Chemical Engineer / Inventor: Father of Mass Produced Inflatable Toys, Forms and Figures!
  68. Lawrence Dorr - Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author / Professor - The "Christian Hemingway"
  69. Albrecht Durer - Reniassance Master - perhaps the Greatest "German" artist of the Renaissance era. Also the most important of the Renaissance Mathematicians - Father of Descriptive Geometry
  70. Krisztina Egerszegi - 5-time Olympic Gold Medalist: "Greatest Backstroke Swimmer of All Time," youngest Olympic Champion of all time, and only woman to win five gold medals in individual swimming events!
  71. St. Elizabeth of Hungary - Giver of Charity, Patroness of Hospitals
  72. Baron Lorand Eotvos - Mathematician: Developed one of the first steps towards relativity theory.  Inventions made it possible to explore for natural resources like oil, coal, and different ores
  73. Zsolt Erdei - WBO light heavyweight champion, former World Amateur Champion
  74. Arthur Erdelyi Mathematician - His works are cited as "the most widely cited mathematical works of all time and a basic reference source for generations of applied mathematicians and physicists throughout the world.
  75. Paul ErdosLegendary Mathematician: Revered by colleagues and considered to be the "most brilliant mind in his field," he collaborated with so many mathematicians that the phenomenon of the "Erdos Number" evolved
  76. Joe (Joszef) Eszterhas - Prolific Screenwriter (Basic Instinct, Sliver, Flashdance) "Highest-paid writer in Hollywood"
  77. Jeno Fejes - Engineer, Inventor - first in the world who submitted patents for manufacturing automobile parts by cold-forming, pressing, torch- or spot-welding.
  78. Gyula FenyiPhysicist: First to prove that the frequency of solar protuberances varies according to the number of sun spots
  79. Philip FigyelmessyUS Inspector General during Civil War
  80. Charles Fleischmann - Founder of the famous Standard Brands Yeast Company of Fleischmann's Yeast fame
  81. Eugene Fodor - Founder of "Fodor's Travel Guides"
  82. Albert FonoMechanical EngineerReceived the first patent on airplane jet propulsion and enabled aircraft to fly faster than the speed of sound. Also developed Aerial Torpedoes, Jet Artillery, Air Compressors
  83. William FoxProducer and Hollywood MogulFounder of Fox Studios!
  84. Milton Friedman - Nobel Prize 1976 - "for his achievements in the fields of consumption analysis, monetary history and theory and for his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy" - the best known living economist 
  85. The Gabor SistersGlamorous Actresses with a Hungarian Temper!
  86. Dennis Gabor - Nobel Prize 1971 - "for his investigation and development of holography"
  87. Daniel Carlton Gajdusek - Nobel Prize 1976 - For discovering "new mechanisms for the origin and dissemination of infectious diseases.
  88. Joseph Galamb - Ford Chief Engineer: Designed the Model T and Model A Ford, the Fordson Tractor, invented the Ignition Plug and the Planetary Gearbox, and prepared the production of Liberty aircraft engines
  89. Eva Gardos - Acclaimed Screenwriter, Director, and Editor
  90. Charles Gati - Political Scientist, Author, Foreign Policy Advisor, Professor
  91. Mitzi Gaynor - Legendary Actress / Singer / Dancer: Star of "South Pacific"
  92. Uri Geller - Psychic/Entertainer
  93. Peter Gergely  - Architect and Structural Engineer: Founder of the National Center for Earthquake Engineering
  94. Peter & Charlie GogolakAll-Pro Football Players - Longest Field Goal and all-time leading scorer in New York Giants history!
  95. Karl Goldmark - Composer
  96. Peter Carl GoldmarkEngineer, CBS Chief Scientist - Invented the Color Television, 33 1/3 LP Record, and the Electronic Video Recorder! National Medal of Science
  97. Peter Goldmark, Jr. - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the International Herald Tribune
  98. Pal Greguss - Chemical Engineer and Physicist:  invented the Pál-Optic used in NASA's Deep Space Program
  99. Andy Grove - Former President/CEO, and Chairman of IntelTime's Man of the Year for 1998! That's the second Hungarian to be awarded this honor!
  100. Lou "The Toe" Groza - NFL Football Player: Record-setting Tackle and Placekicker for the Cleveland Browns - 9 Pro-Bowls, Hall of Famer
  101. Alfred Haar - Mathematician: Introduced a measure on groups, now called the Haar measure, used by von Neumann, and other notables
  102. Eugene HainerUS Congressman, 1893, 1895, from Lincoln, Nebraska
  103. George "Papa Bear" HalasLegendary Hall of Fame Football Coach: Father of the NFL
  104. Robert Halmi, Sr. - Producer, "Tele-Visionary," Chairman of Hallmark Entertainment, the most prolific producer in TV history: multiple Emmy Award winner and 1999 Peabody Award winner
  105. Col. Agoston Haraszthy"Father of California Wine Culture!" - Ronald Reagan
  106. Mariska Hargitay - Actress (Law and Order. ER, Leaving Las Vegas)
  107. Mickey (Miklos) HargitayMr. Universe! 
  108. John Harsanyi - Nobel Prize 1994 - "For his pioneering analysis of equilibrium in the theory of non-cooperative games." Shared prize with A Beautful Mind's John Nash
  109. Stefan Hatos - Television producer of "Let's Make a Deal" fame
  110. Goldie Hawn - Very Cute Actress and Academy Award Nominee for Private Benjamin. Tentative honoree
  111. Robert Hegyes - Actor, Director - immortalized as "Juan Epstein" on Welcome Back Kotter!
  112. Miksa Herz - Architect - known in Egypt as Pasha Herz
  113. Theodor Herzl - Founder of the Zionist Movement
  114. George de Hevesy - Nobel Prize 1943 - "For his pioneering work with isotopes as tracers." Winner of Atom for Peace Award 1959
  115. Martina Hingis - Tennis Superstar! At 17, she became the youngest #1 ranked player ever and is the youngest to ever win and defend a Grand Slam Title.
  116. Dezo (Dezso) Hoffmann / Hofmann / Hoffman - Acclaimed Photographer - the Beatles' photographer! "One of the Greatest Photographers in Entertainment"
  117. Csaba Horvath - Renowned Professor of Chemical Engineering at Yale. Father of high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  118. Joseph Rudolph "Bronco" Horvath - All-Star Hockey Player
  119. Les Horvath - Football Player - Ohio State's First Heisman Trophy Winner
  120. Harry Houdini - The "Greatest Magician on Earth," Actor, Pioneer Pilot
  121. Alan Mackenzie Howard - Actor
  122. Leslie HowardActor -  'Gone With the Wind"
  123. Tim Howard - England's Premier League Goalkeeper of the Year for 2004 - first American to win the coveted AF Cup title with Champion Manchester United. US National Team keeper.
  124. Al Hrabosky - "The Mad Hungarian" Great relief pitcher
  125. Jeno Hubay - Violin Virtuoso, Romantic Composer - The "Prince of the Violin" and Founder of the legendary modern Hungarian Violin School
  126. Janos Hunyadi - Military leader and statesman. First to stop the Ottoman Turks!
  127. Emeric (Imre) Ienei - Soccer Player and Rumanian National Team Head Coach
  128. Janos IrinyiChemist - Invented safety matches!
  129. Ernest Istook - US Congressman, Republican from Oklahoma, Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee, Co-Chair of the Hungarian Caucus in the US House of Representatives
  130. General Robert Ivany (Iványi) - West Point Graduate; West Point (Army) Football Coach; Commanding General, Military District of Washington; Commandant of the War College; and President of the University of St. Thomas
  131. Geza Jako - Physician, scientist, educator. Father of soft tissue microsurgery, laser surgery, minimally invasive surgery. White House Advisor for Cancer to Presidents Reagan and Bush Sr. Pioneer of human cochlear stimulation for deafness.
  132. Anyos Jedlik - Priest, Engineer, Physicist, Inventor - Father of the Dynamo
  133. Stephen (Steven, Istvan) Kaali - Medical Pioneer, Inventor - Patented Bio Electrical Blood Cleansing Device for AIDS and other blood diseases
  134. Janos KabayFirst to isolate morphine directly from the plant
  135. Frida Kahlo - Acclaimed Artist and Mexican Icon: One of the most influential artists of the middle twentieth century
  136. Rudolf Emil Kalman - Developed the Kálmán Filter which is the " greatest discovery in statistics in our century." Kalman filtering is also the method used in GPS (Global Positioning Systems) for navigation
  137. Kalman KandoInventor, Engineer - Discovered triple phase high tension current for electric locomotion and industrial applications.  Father of Modern Electric Trains!
  138. Moricz Kohn Kaposi - Physician and Dermatologist: Discovered Kaposi's Sarcoma
  139. Theodore von KarmanAeronautical Engineer & Mathematician. The Father of the Supersonic Flight and a founder of the aeronautical and astronautical sciences. Designed the first rocket to  reach interstellar space!
  140. Bela and Marta (Martha) Karoly - U.S. Gymnastics Coaches to Nadia and Mary Lou
  141. Sgt. Leopold Karpeles - Civil War Hero - Congressional Medal of Honor Winner
  142. John Kemeny -  Mathematician, President of Dartmouth: "Father of Microcomputing," developed BASIC computer language
  143. Farkas Kempelen de Pazmand - Inventor - First Speaking Machine - first experimental phonetician
  144. Gyorgy Kepes - Painter, designer, author and educator who founded and directed the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT 
  145. Andre Kertesz - Acclaimed photographer
  146. Imre Kertesz - Nobel Prize 2002 - "For writing that upholds the tragic experience of the individual against the barbaric arbitrariness of history"
  147. Kincsem - "The greatest racehorse of all time"
  148. Karch Kiraly - 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist and Professional Volleyball Player: "The King" and Player of the Century
  149. Christina Kiss - Renowned Pianist: one of the foremost Liszt interpreters of our time
  150. Max Kiss  - Pharmacist and Inventor of Ex-Lax!
  151. Calvin Klein - American Fashion King!
  152. Brigadier General Frederick Knefler - Civil War Hero: "Hungarian Patriot and American General" - highest rank attained in the Union army by a member of the Jewish faith.
  153. Mark and David Knopfler - Legendary, Grammy Award-winning Rock Musicians of Dire Straits: "The Sultans of Rock" and "the finest British band of all time."
  154. Sgt. Matej Kocak - WWI Hero - DOUBLE Congressional Medal of Honor Winner
  155. Sandor Kocsis - Soccer Legend: The "The Man With The Golden Head"
  156. Zoltan Kocsis - Piano Virtuoso and Composer
  157. Zoltan Kodaly - Composer, educator, ethnomusicologist, linguist, author and philosopher
  158. Arthur Koestler - Author/Playwright
  159. Lajos Koltai, HSC - Cinematographer - Oscar Nomination
  160. Sir Alexander KordaLegendary, Oscar Nominated Producer / Director: A "Hollywood Renegade" & Founding Member of The Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers.  Founder and guiding force behind the British film industry and "Savior of the British film industry." 
  161. Michael Korda - Best-Selling Author and Superstar Publisher and over 40 years as Editor-In-Chief of Simon & Schuster
  162. Vincent Korda -Oscar Winning Film Art Director
  163. Zoltan KordaAcclaimed Director
  164. Janos Kornai - Economist, Harvard Professor: Developed the "economics of shortage" theory
  165. Bernie KosarSuperbowl winning Quarterback.  Played for the Browns, Cowboys and the Dolphins!
  166. Mihaly Kotai - Boxer - WBF Super Welterweight Champion and world-title contender - "The Ace of Tokai"
  167. Ernie Kovacs Actor, Broadcast Pioneer, and Legendary Comedian and T.V. Personality Three Emmy Awards in the 1956-57 TV season.
  168. Laszlo Kovacs ASC - Legendary Cinematographer
  169. Col. Michael de Kovats - US Military Hero!- Founding Father of the US Cavalry!
  170. Brigadier General Eugene A. Kozlay - Civil War Hero: Organized the 54th New York Infantry Regiment
  171. Hon. Tom Lantos11-term U.S. Congressman from California
  172. Erno LaszloDermatologist and Cosmetics Tycoon: Father of Modern Skincare Products
  173. Estee LauderCosmetic Queen! Founder of the current world cosmetics leader!
  174. Leonard A. Lauder - White House Advisor and Chairman, The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc.
  175. Ronald S. Lauder - US Ambassador to Vienna, Deputy Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy, philanthropist and businessman.
  176. Benjamin Lax - Electrical Engineer / Physicist: Founder and Director of Francis Bitter National Magnetic Laboratories (MIT); Professor of Physics, Emeritus (MIT); Semiconductor and magneto-optics pioneer; Radar Pioneer: developed the radar height and range finder and discovered radar meteorology.
  177. Peter Lax - Renowned and Prolific Applied Mathematician and "one of the greatest figures in pure and applied mathematics of our times."
  178. Franz Lehar  - Foremost composer of 20th century operettas
  179. Fulop von Lenard  - Nobel Prize 1905 - "For his studies in x-rays and the cathode ray tube"
  180. Menyhert Lengyel - Oscar Nominated Writer, Producer, and Broadway and Film Director
  181. Gyorgy Ligeti - Composer and 20th Century Musical Pioneer: One of the world’s best known living composers - featured on 2001: A Space Odyssey
  182. Franz Liszt - Classical Composer, "Greatest Pianist of All Time"
  183. Lajos Loczy - First to make geological survey of the Trans-Himalaya mountain chain
  184. Stefan Lorant - Photographer / Editor / Filmmaker / Pioneering Journalist - Widely regarded as the first major editor of modern photojournalism and "the Godfather of Photojournalism"
  185. Peter LorreActor - Chaplin called him "the greatest actor alive"
  186. Laszlo Lovasz - Renowned Yale University Senior Faculty Mathematician, Microsoft Senior Researcher, Computer Scientist: 1999 Wolf Prize Winner
  187. Bela LugosiActor - The Original Dracula!
  188. John Lukacs - Eminent Historian: Pulitzer Prize Nominated, Ingersoll Prize Winner - "one of America’s most respected historians - Yale"
  189. J. Anthony Lukas - Acclaimed Author and Journalist . "One of America's most brilliant writers" and Winner of TWO Pulitzer Prizes!
  190. Paul Lukas - Actor, Academy Award Winner for "Watch on the Rhine," in 1943
  191. Janos Luppis - Naval Captain and Engineer: Co-Inventor of  the Torpedo
  192. Dezso Magyar - Chair, American Film Institute Conservatory, Master Filmmaker-in-Residence
  193. The Magyar Tribes - Innovators: Invented The Stirrup and wooden-framed saddle; Leather Processing; the famous reflex bow; Beef Jerky; Mint Methods
  194. Eva Marton - Heavenly Soprano
  195. Kati Marton - Acclaimed journalist & best-selling author
  196. Ilona Massey Actress
  197. Maria Mednyanszky - Legendary Table Tennis Champion - First official female World Champion
  198. Joe Medwick - Baseball Superstar: World-Series Slugger, Hall of Famer, "The Muscular Magyar"
  199. Col. Geza Mihaloczy - Civil War Hero: Organized the famed "Lincoln Riflemen"
  200. Jozsef Mihalyi - Engineer / Inventor: Co-Developed Automatic Camera, Chief Designer at Kodak
  201. Ferenc Molnar Playwright: part of the "Hungarian Invasion" of New York Theatre
  202. S/Sgt Frankie "Zoly" Molnar - Vietnam War Hero - Congressional Medal of Honor Winner
  203. Miklos Molnar - Soccer Star: Danish "Golden Boot," Kansas City Wizards, International - His nickname is "Danish Dynamite" for his explosive scoring ability
  204. Alanis Morrisette - Multi-Platinum-selling Singer, Songwriter - 7 Grammy Awards! One of the VH1: 100 Greatest Women of Rock & Roll
  205. Peter Munk - Industrial Tycoon - One of the Richest Men in Canada: Founder of Barrick Gold and the multi-billion dollar Canadian construction and development firm TrizecHahn
  206. Charles Nagy - World Series Pitcher (Cleveland Indians), 3-time All Star, & Olympics Gold Medal Winner!  
  207. Laszlo Moholy - Nagy, Avant-Garde Painter, designer, and experimental photographer: A Founder of Constructivism, Professor and Director at the Bauhaus School of Design, Chicago, and Founder and head of the Chicago Institute of Design
  208. Joe Namath (Németh) Sports Hero, Super Bowl Quarterback and MVP (New York Jets), and Hall of Famer 
  209. John von NeumannLegendary Mathematician, Physicist, Logician, and Computing Pioneer: Co-developed the Atomic Bomb. Father of Binary Code and the Stored Program Computer, Father of Game Theory. Key in development of U.S. ballistic missile program
  210. Paul Newman - Oscar Winning Actor - Eight Oscar Nominations!
  211. George Olah - Nobel Prize 1994 - "For his contribution to carbocation chemistry: the study of hydrocarbons, the ingredients of oil and natural gas, and his discovery of new ways to use them"
  212. Edward James Olmos - Oscar and Tony Nominated and Emmy Award Winning Actor, Producer, Director, and Activist. The "Olivier of the Latino World" and People's 2000 Sexiest Man Alive
  213. Eugene Ormandy - Renowned Conductor (Philadelphia)
  214. Tom Orosz - NFL Football Player - Superbowl Punter for the Miami Dolphins #3
  215. Egon Orowan (Orován) - Applied Physicist
  216. George Pal - Cartoonist/Animator of "War of the Worlds" - Winner of SIX Oscars, and pioneer of stop-action animation!
  217. Ziggy Pallfy - Hockey Phenom - Top Scorer for the NY Islanders and LA Kings - sixth in the NHL in scoring!
  218. Laszlo Papp - Legendary Boxer: Only man in history to win 3 consecutive Olympic Gold Medals
  219. Joseph Pasternak - Prolific Film Producer/Director: Multiple Oscar Nominations. Rescued Universal Studios
  220. Beatrix Aruna Pasztor - Costume Designer: designed costumes for 20 major feature films
  221. George Pataki Governor, New York
  222. Ferenc PavlicsEngineer: Developed NASA's Moon Rover and Directed Development of the Mars Rover
  223. Eszter Pecsi  - Structural Engineer - designer of the first reinforced-concrete skyscraper! First woman to receive a degree in engineering in Hungary (1920)
  224. Jozsef Petzval - Inventor: A Founder of Photography: His Work allowed for construction of modern cameras and made practical portrait-photography possible. Invented Photographic Objective Lens, Darkroom, Opera Glass, and perfected the telescope
  225. Sandor (Alexander) Pfitzner - Engineer: Designed the first American Monoplane for Curtiss
  226. Sylvia Plachy - Acclaimed Photographer, Mother of Actor Adrien Brody
  227. John Polanyi - Nobel Prize 1986 - "For contributions to the development of a new field of research in chemistry - reaction dynamics." Founder of Reaction Dynamics
  228. Zsuzsa (Susan), Judit (Judith), and Zsofia (Sofia) Polgar - Chess Grand Masters and Olympic Gold Medalists! - Judith has been called the Greatest Female Player of all Time!
  229. George Polya - Mathematician: "The Great Teacher"
  230. Colonel George PomutzCivil War Hero:  Appointed US Consul General to St. Petersburg, Russia.
  231. Geza PozsarU.S. Gymnastics National Team Coach and Choreographer
  232. Janos Prohaska - Actor/Stuntman
  233. Freddie Prinze, Jr. - Actor and Heart-Throb! "Young Hollywood's Leading Man"
  234. Freddie Prinze Sr. - Actor, Comedian
  235. Joseph PulitzerPublishing Tycoon: Responsible for building of the Statue of Liberty
  236. Ferenc Puskas - Soccer Legend: The "Greatest Soccer Player in History!"
  237. Tivadar PuskasInventor, Thomas Edison's Colleague - Devised the idea of using telephone exchanges  between subscribers, invented the switchboard and built Europe's first telephone exchange. Coined the term "Hello"
  238. S/Sgt. Laszlo Rabel - US Military Hero! Congressional Medal of Honor
  239. Elemer Ragalyi - Acclaimed, Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer
  240. Jessica Rakoczy - Boxer - IBA Lightweight World Champion! The "Ragin'" Rakoczy. Number 1 ranked overall!
  241. Tommy Ramone - Drummer and Producer of the Legendary, Pioneering Punk Rockers, The Ramones!
  242. Deszo Ranki - Renowned Concert Pianist - with Kocsis, the "Golden Boys of the Magyar Keyboard"
  243. Fritz ReinerLegendary Conductor: A "Foremost Conductor of his Time" and "Genius Orchestra Builder"
  244. Imre Reiner - Painter, Sculptor, Illustrator, and Renowned Type Designer of "Reiner Script" fame!
  245. Maria Judith Reményi - Miss USA 1966
  246. Alfred RenyiMathematician. Discovered "one of the strongest methods of analytical number theory
  247. Frigyes Riesz - Mathematician. Riesz was a founder of functional analysis and his work has many important applications in physics
  248. Odon Riszdorfer - Engineer / Inventor: Co-Developed Automatic Camera and Automatic Shutter for Movie Cameras. Father of the hand held, battery operated light meter.
  249. Donald Lawrence Ritter - US Congressman, Republican from Pennsylvania
  250. Ferenc Rofusz - Animator: Oscar in 1981 for his animated film, "The Fly" (A Légy) - the first Hungarian Oscar for a cartoon.
  251. Anna M. RosenbergUnder-Secretary of Defense in Truman Cabinet. Medal of Freedom in 1945 and Medal of Merit in 1947
  252. George RosencrantzChemist, Businessman, Founder of Syntex, the number seventeen world-ranked drug firm, the developer of Aleve
  253. Miklos Rozsa - Triple Oscar Winning Film Music Composer
  254. Erno Rubik - Mathematician, Inventor of Rubik's Cube!
  255. Leopold Ruzicka  - Nobel Prize 1939 - "For his work on polymethylenes & higher terpenes"
  256. S.Z. "Cuddles" Sakall - Famed Character Actor, from Casablanca fame
  257. Anna Sandor - Emmy Award-Winning screenwriter
  258. Nicolas Sarkozy - French Minister of the Interior, Internal Security and Local Freedoms. Potential Candidate for French Prime Minister!
  259. Andrew Sarlos - Hungarian-born Canadian investor and financial guru, author, and great philanthropist
  260. Sylvia Sass - Another Heavenly Soprano, "the New Callas"
  261. Bela Schick - Pediatric Doctor / Researcher: Pioneer in immunology - Devised the "Schick test" for determining susceptibility to diphtheria.
  262. Andras Schiff - Acclaimed Classical Pianist
  263. Claude-Michel Schonberg - Acclaimed Grammy and Tony Award-winning Writer, Composer, and Producer of Les Miserables and Miss Saigon
  264. Friedrich SchorrRenowned "mahogany-colored" Bass- Baritone
  265. Gerard Schurmann - World-renowned Double Oscar Winning Composer: Orchestrated Lawrence of Arabia and Exodus
  266. David Schwartz - Inventor - Father of the Dirigible Air Ship or Zeppelin
  267. Thomas A. Sebeok (Sebők) - Father of Modern Semiotics (the study of signs and non-verbal communication)
  268. Janos Andras Segner - Father of the Water Turbine: First scientist to use reactive force and made substantial contributions to the theory of Dynamics
  269. Jerry Seinfeld - Actor / Comedian: American Icon! The most successful and influential comedian of his generation!
  270. Paul Selenyi - Physicist and Father of Electrostatics / Photoconductivity Pioneer - first to record images with an electrostatic marking process: the foundation of Xerography!
  271. Monica SelesTennis Superstar - She has won 9 Grand Slam singles titles and bronze in Sydney 2000! 
  272. Hans Selye - Physician, Endocrinologist, Researcher - Founder of the concept of Stress: The "Einstein of Medicine!"
  273. Ignac Semmelweis - Physician, "The Mothers' Savior" 
  274. Don Shula - Legendary Hall of Fame Football Coach (the 17-0 Miami Dolphins!) Winningest Coach in NFL History
  275. Gene Simmons - Legendary Tongue and Rock-n-Roller of  KISS!
  276. Paul Simon - Musician, Singer, Songwriter - American Legend of Simon & Garfunkel" fame! 12 Grammys and Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famer
  277. Charles Simonyi - Computer Scientist and Chief Architect, Microsoft Corporation: Father of WYSIWYG and Hungarian Notation
  278. Denis Sinor - Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Indiana University Department of Central Eurasian Studies, Uralic and Altaic Studies
  279. Anna Sipos - Table Tennis Legend - first female player to use the "pen holder grip"
  280. Sir Georg Solti -Acclaimed Conductor: Record number of Grammys
  281. Mihaly Somogyi - Chemist: Produced first Child Insulin Treatment in US - Developed the "Somogyi test" for the diagnosis of diabetes
  282. George Soros - "The world's greatest money manager" and Great Progressive Philanthropist.
  283. Brent Spiner - Actor and Trekkies' favorite android, Lieutenant Commander Data!
  284. Major-General Julius H. Stahel (Számwald) - US Military Hero! Congressional Medal of Honor
  285. Ilona Staller (Cicciolina) - Actress, Politician - Queen of Euro Porn through the 80's and 90's - Member of Parliament! Co-founder of Italy's Green Party
  286. Sir Aurel Stein - "The most prodigious combination of scholar, explorer, archaeologist and geographer of his generation" - The "Sven Hedin of England" - pioneered the use of aerial photography in archaeology. 
  287. George Stigler - Nobel Prize 1982 - "For his seminal studies of industrial structures, functioning of markets and causes and effects of public regulation"
  288. Elvis Stojko - "King of the Ice" - 3-time World Champion, 7-time Canadian National Champion, and 2-time Olympic Silver Medalist!
  289. Miklos Szabados - Table Tennis Legend - second only to Barna
  290. Ekaterina (Katalin) Szabo - Champion Gymnast: Four Olympic Gold Medals and One Silver in Los Angeles 
  291. Gabor Szabo - JJazz Great: One of the "most original and outstanding improvisational guitarists of the 20th century"
  292. Istvan Szabo - Director, Writer, Producer - Academy Award in 1981
  293. Professor Szalay - Father of British Weightlifting
  294. Chef Louis Szathmary - Legendary Chef and founder of Chicago's "The Bakery" - father of the "Stouffer's frozen dinner"
  295. Victor Szebehely - Aerospace Engineer: Pioneer of Orbital Mechanics and a key figure in the Apollo Space Program: "His work got us to the moon"
  296. Gabor SzegoMathematician: Head of University of Stanford Mathematics 
  297. Pierre Szekely - Renowned Sculptor and Architect - the "Incessant Adventurer"
  298. George Szell - Conductor
  299. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi von Nagyrapolt - Nobel Prize 1937 - "For his discoveries in connection with the biological combustion process with special reference to vitamin C & the catalysis of fumaric acid." First to isolate Vitamin C  
  300. Leo SzilardPhysicist: Co-developed the Atomic Bomb. Physicist  - Co-developed the Atomic Bomb: Conceived the nuclear chain reaction and campaigned for nuclear disarmament, though the first to consider the application of the atom to making bombs. Achieved first sustained nuclear fission reaction with Enrico Fermi. Identified the unit or "bit" of information
  301. Kornel Szilvay - Officer in the Hungarian Fire Brigade: Father of the Dry Fire Extinguisher!
  302. Henrietta Szold - Founder of Hadassah
  303. Pvt. William L. S. Tabor - Civil War Hero - Congressional Medal of Honor Winner
  304. Jeffrey Tambor - Actor
  305. Count Samuel Teleki - Explorer! Led the famous East-Africa Expedition
  306. Maria Telkes - Chemist, Engineer: Pioneer of Solar Energy: "Mother of the Solar Home," "The "Sun Queen," and "world's most famous woman inventor in solar energy."
  307. Edward (Ede) TellerPhysicist: Co-developed the Atomic Bomb. Discovered BET equation. Father of the the H-Bomb
  308. Joe Theismann - Legendary Two-time Superbowl Quarterback for the Washington Redksins
  309. Lou Thesz - Legend of Professional Wrestling, "Wrestling's True Icon"
  310. Kalman Tihanyi - Physicist: Father of the Picture Tube and Television Pioneer (NOT Zworykin) - Invented the Picture Tube (Iconoscope), Infrared-sensitive (night vision) television, and Flat TV Tube
  311. Steve Tichy - Huge proponent of all things Hungarian, and world-renowned helpdesk technican from Boston, MA! Now he IS famous indeed (at least for a while!)
  312. Ivan TorsProducer/Director, Underwater Film Pioneer
  313. Andre de Toth - Director - Oscar Nomination, "The Gunfighter"
  314. Paul Turan Mathematician: Erdos's closest friend and collaborator and Great Hungarian number theorist
  315. Steven Ferencz Udvar-Hazy  - Business Tycoon, Aircraft Leasing Pioneer, and GREAT Philanthropist - Father of the Smithsonian's Udvar-Hazy Center
  316. Colonel George Utassy - US Civil War Hero:  Organized the famed Garibaldi Guard
  317. Albert Vadas (Wadas) - Spanish American War Hero - Congressional Medal of Honor Winner
  318. Janos Vas - Hockey Player - Dallas Stars
  319. Major Gyula Vari - Hungarian Air Force, Acclaimed Fighter Pilot - First pilot to win consecutive titles at Fairford's Royal International Air Tattoo
  320. Andrew VajnaProducer, Hollywood Legend: President of Cinergi Productions, co-Founder of Carolco Pictures
  321. Robert Varkonyi - Poker World Series Champion of 2002! First Ever to Win 2 Million!
  322. Viktor Vasarely - Famed painter known for his geometrical forms, he is the father of Op-Art
  323. Bishop Faustus Verancsics - Invented the air turbine
  324. Peter Vermes - Soccer Star: Kansas City Wizards, US National Team (captain), International
  325. Adrienne Vittadini - Renowned Fashion Designer and Businesswoman
  326. Andre WattsAcclaimed Classical Pianist  - one of the "Great Pianists of the 20th Century"
  327. Johnny Weissmuller (sports, film) - The one and only Tarzan and FIVE-time Gold Olympic swimming legend! "The greatest swimmer of all time"
  328. Rachel Weisz - Actress and Model (The Mummy, Enemy at the Gates, Stealing Beauty, Sunshine, Beautiful Creatures)
  329. Jules White - Four-time Oscar-Nominated Producer / Director of "The Three Stooges" and More!
  330. Elie Wiesel  - Nobel Prize 1986 - "For his dedication to peace, atonement, and human dignity"
  331. Eugene Wigner  - Nobel Prize 1963 - "for his contributions to the theory of the atomic nucleus and the elementary particles, particularly through the discovery and application of fundamental symmetry principles" Co-developed the atomic bomb, developed first breeder reactor, and is known as the Founder of Nuclear Engineering
  332. Debra WingerActress - 2 Oscar Nominations!
  333. Major Charles Zagonyi - "The Union Forever!" Led the famous Civil War "Zágonyi Death Ride"
  334. Karoly Zipernowsky - A/C Electronics Pioneer! One in the "Great Triad"of Electrical Engineers at Ganz: Founder of heavy-current electrical engineering
  335. Vilmos Zsigmond (ASC)Legendary Cinematographer - Oscar Winner and Multiple Oscar Nominations!
  336. Richard Zsigmondy - Nobel Prize 1925 - "For his work on methods in the study of colloid chemistry"
  337. Adolph Zukor"Mr. Motion Pictures" and Oscar Winner

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