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Top AHF Headlines 12/4/2005

  • AHF Applauds Congressman Lantos for 1956 Resolution
  • AHF distributes Disaster Relief Funds to Transylvania

  • AHF engages community in discussing Hungarian Political Influence
  • AHF updates 1956 Portal with additional photos
  • 45th Annual Hungarian Association Congress in Cleveland

  • AHF meets Hungary's 1956 Commemoration Planning Committee

  • AHF lays wreath at Imre Nagy memorial ceremony in Budapest

  • AHF supporting 1956 commemorations in New York

  • Venice Hungarians Survive Hurricane and unveil 1956 Memorial!
  • AHF publishes AHF President Emeritus George Haydu memorial

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    12/2/2005 - Resolution in the House of Representatives to recognize the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution! The American Hungarian Federation applauds Congressman Tom Lantos (D-CA) for taking the initiative to introduce a resolution recognizing the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. The resolution, H. Res. 479, which Cong. Tom Lantos addresses the audience after receiving AHF's Col. Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of Freedomenjoys the broad support of the American Hungarian community and its various organizations, was referred to the House Committee on International Relations.


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    AHF distributes $4,500.00 in Disaster Relief Funds to Transylvania. The AHF Disaster Relief Fund targets Hungarian disaster victims, currently those affected by hurricane Katrina and Transylvania flooding. Overall, the fund has taken in $6,500.00. Earlier this month, AHF distributed $2000.00 to the Arpadhon (Albany, LA) Hungarian Settlement Historical Society to help them rebuild. The $4500.00 was sent to the mayor of Székelyudvarhely in the heart of the flood-stricken region. [read more and GIVE!]

    Hungarian Poltical Influence (Magyar Politikai Erõ Amerikában) in the United States. Bela Liptak launched a discussion on Hungarian Poltical Influence in the United States. AHF engaged the discussion immediately and called for greater unity within the American Hungarian Community. [read more]

    11/25/2005 - AHF adds additional photos to 1956 Portal www.hungary1956.com. Hungary 1956 PortalThe American Hungarian Federation is sponsoring the 1956 Portal as part of its goals to coordinate and assist member organizations across the country. The 1956 Portal serves as a central information resource for 1956 activities as our community prepares for the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution. The Portal also includes Audio and Video files! If you have additional photos or have plans you would like to promote, contact us!
    [See www.hungary1956.com]

    Featured Video

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    Click to download the Video: "Five Days of Revolt in Budapest." 5.2Mb"Five Days of Freedom in Budapest" - "Budapest is in revolt. With uncontrolled fury, crowds set fire to Russian flags... The impossible has happened. A handful of heroes has shaken the communist world to its foundations." (5.2 Mb)
    [See more audio and video files]

    Dr. Nadas introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinich11/24/2005 - 45th Annual Hungarian Association Congress - Magyar Kongresszus held in Cleveland. The annual event headed by AHF President Emeritus Julius Nádas (seen here accepting an award from the American Nationalities Movement with Congressman Kucinch) brings together organizations from across the United States and Canada. The event features scholarly papers and panels; cultural & social meetings; book exhibitions and art; Hungarian cooking classes; and films and programs about Hungarian culture in America. Acclaimed poet and AHF member Gyongyi Peterrfy (seen here) wrote and presented a poem dedicated for the event. See details on hungarianassociation.com

    The Corvin Koz: Hallowed ground of 195611/23/2005 - AHF 1956 Committee Member Dr. Emery (Imre) Toth meets with Hungary's official 1956 Memorial Planning Committee (1956-os emlékévet elokészítö emlékbizottság) to discuss plans for the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

    Dr. Toth gave the committee a detailed account of our successful highly congressional reception on October 19th, mentioning the serious commitment of each member of AHF's 1956 committee and the extraordinary people who were celebrated there - all culminating in a memorable event, which we consider a great harbinger for next year. He then talked about our efforts to unify Hungarian-American organizations under our umbrella organization. The Hungarian 1956 Memorial Planning Committee is headed by Kosáry Domokos with representatives from four parliamentary political parties, including Fidesz. Hungary has set Oct. 19th as the day for major commemorations in 2006. [read more in Hungarian]

    11/23/2005 - AHF's Dr. Emery (Imre) Toth attends revolutionary Prime Minister Imre Nagy memorial ceremony in Budapest.

    At the invitation of Hungarian President Dr. Laszlo Solyom, Dr. Toth attended the solemn, formal ceremony honoring Imre Nagy and the Heroes of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. On the cold, misty grey Hungarian November day, Dr. Toth laid a wreath on the tomb of Imre Nagy who would be executed by Soviet forces. Dr. Toth is himself a 1956 hero and last surviving Secretary of the Revolutionary Committee for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Imre Nagy Government. Dr. Toth had earlier received the Golden Diploma from the Eötvös Loránd University in honor of 50 years of professional excellence. He and his wife Zsuzsa also led the effort to produce AHF's 1956 mini-documentary on DVD. Read more about the [1956 ceremonies] or more about Imre Toth on [Featured Members]

    The American Hungarian Federation contributes $5000.00 to New York's 1956 Commemoration Coordinating Committee. AHF has joined with more than three-dozen Hungarian community leaders and representatives of civic and religious organizations from the tri-state area, to form a coordinating committee for a series of commemorative events. Governor George E. Pataki is Honorary Patron and invited to participate. The committee’s efforts currently are concentrated on two main events planned in New York City on October 15, 2006. On this date an interfaith religious service will be held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, followed by a concert at Carnegie Hall with opera divas Erika Miklosa and Andrea Rost, and other internationally renowned artists.members are taking active part in plans for 1956 commemorative events in New York City. [read more] and get involved!

    10/23/2005 - Venice Hungarians dedicate 1956 Memorial. AHF Vice President and head of the Venice-based Hungarian Christian Society Kálmán Nagy contributed over $10,000.00 in the name of the American Hungarian Federation to build and dedicate a memorial to the heroes of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Defying a hurricane, the program went ahead and included a luncheon and ceremony for over 300 guests Sandor Racz - Hero of 1956 and President of the Greater Budapest Workers' Councilthat included 1956 hero Mr. Sándor Rácz (seen here at the AHF Congressional reception in Washington), who was president of the Greater Hungarian Budapest Workers’ Council and was imprisoned for several years following the crushing of the Revolution, and indepedent parliamentarian Mr. Attila Körömi.

    In Memorium

    George Haydu's Memoir11/15/2005 - AHF President Emeritus, Entrepreneur, Freedom Activist, and 1959 US "Citizen of the Year," George K. Haydu, passed away after long illness. The death of this great humanitarian and leader is a major loss for the Hungarian-American community and to all his many friends. Despite many death threats President Harry Truman awards 1959 "Citizen of the Year" to George K. Hayduand being shot in the leg during "Loyalty Day" parade in New York City, George was undeterred in his efforts to bring freedom to Hungary and comfort to refugees. [read more about George Haydu] or see [All Memorials]

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    Atilla Kocsis is an active member of AHF's 1956 commemoration Committee, he is office manager of AHF's Washington D.C. headquarters, and acting Secretary. As a young entrepreneur, Atilla started a Website hosting business in 1995 which has grown into a highly successful operation. We thank him and Digital Phenom for hosting the AHF Website! Read more about him on [Featured Members]

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    Kellemes Karácsonyi Ünnepeket!Kellemes Karácsonyi Ünnepeket!

    December 6th is "Mikulás Nap"
    December 6th is the name day of Miklós (Nicholas), and children especially love this day because for them it is “Mikulás Nap” or "Mikulás Day." The Hungarian Santa, called Mikulás, (Me-ku-lash) visits children on December 6th, St. Nicholas' Day. Children shine their shoes or boots then put them outside. If the child has been good, Mikulás leaves the boot filled with goodies - traditionally with candies, tangerines, walnuts, apples, dates and chocolate Mikulás figurines. Also, most children get small toys and books. If the child has been a little bad, the boot will contain a bundle of twigs (like a “switch”). If the child has been naughty, then they get lumps of coal or potatoes. Since no child is all good or all bad, most get the switch and the treat. There is no Mrs. Santa in Hungary, but Mikulás often travels with one or two small evil goblins, called "krampusz (kromm-puhs)."
    special thanks to www.MagyarMarketing.com for this great writeup!

    Cleveland Film Premiere to Benefit "Torn from the Flag"

    Purchase this beautiful etching by acclaimed fine artist Gabor Koranyi who will donate part of the proceeds to the Torn from the Flag project!The United Hungarian Socities / Egyesult Magyar Egyletek cordially invites all to a Cleveland premiere of "Escape from Recsk" in Hungarian with English subtitles. The 1997 Livia Gyarmathy film is about the only escape from the notorious prison camp. Tickets are $10.00 and proceeds benefit the "Torn from the Flag" 1956 revolution documentary film project. For more information, contact AHF's Laz Buda at lazbuda@yahoo.com or download the flyer

    Amerikai Magyar Szó / A Hid becomes largest Hungarian-language paper in the United States
    AHF News Service, 11/29/2005

    This former AHF paper is now operated by AHF Member István Petermann, a young Hungarian-American entrepreneur originally from Transylvania. This well-produced American weekly for the Hungarian community recently expanded its circulation and is now available at over 2500 locations across the United States. This is a full-featured 30-50 page paper that even includes a "Kids Corner." For information, call 1-877-A-MAGYAR.

    Karacsony in Minnesota

    The Minnesota Hungarians invite all to their annual Christmas celebration on December 11, 2004 at the Warrendale Presbyterian Church
    1040 Como Ave. in St. Paul! For more information contact Laszlo Fulop at laszlofulop@mn.rr.com

    Mihaly Lenart has published his 2006 Hungarian Calendars featuring beautiful images of Hungary through the seasons. For information contact him at MTLenart@aol.com


    Fidesz calls on gov't to convene Hungarian Permanent Conference
    MTI, 12/4/2005

    The opposition Fidesz party has called on the government to convene the Hungarian Permanent Conference (Maert), a forum of ethnic Hungarian organisations, and make efforts to resolve issues around the status of ethnic Hungarians in neighbouring countries, the party said in a statement sent to MTI on Sunday. [read more]

    US and Hungarian ambassadors end five-day roadshow in US
    MTI, 12/3/2005

    US Ambassador to Hungary George Herbert Walker and Hungarian Ambassador to the US Andras Simonyi have completed a five-day roadshow seeking to promote investment in Hungary. [read more]

    Hungarian Soccer Cracks Down on Racism
    Star Tribune, Minnesota, 12/2/2005

    Referees who fail to crack down on racist slurs during league games will be disciplined by Hungary's soccer federation.

    Representatives of Hungary's Jewish community protested this week after anti-Semitic slurs were chanted by Ujpest FC
    [read more]

    Revenue from Budapest Airport sale to go into central bank reserves
    MTI, 12/2/2005

    Revenues from the ongoing sale of Hungarian airport operator Budapest Airport have been slated to go into the National Bank of Hungary's foreign currency reserves, Reuters reported on Friday citing an unidentified Hungarian government source.
    [read more]

    The Hungarians of the BBC: Bearers of Truth
    HVG, 12/2/2005

    After 66 years, the BBC will shut down its Hungarian broadcast in mid-December. [read more]

    RFE/RL, 11/30/2005

    Police arrested Mirko
    Sarovic, a former president of the "Republika Srpska," in Eastern Sarajevo on 29 November on embezzlement charges. He is alleged to have founded a fictitious company that was used to funnel millions of dollars from the Privredna Banka Srpsko Sarajevo to the governing Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) and its leaders. Two of his alleged accomplices were also taken into custody on 29 November, and the bank's former director, Momcilo Mandic, has been in detention for several months. Mandic is a former Bosnian Serb defense minister.

    Foreigners serious real-estate investors in Hungary
    MTI, 11/30//2005

    Every year 1,800 homes in Budapest are bought up by foreigners and estimates suggest that foreign individuals and companies now own around 5,000 properties in the capital. [read more]

    Hungary warns western states of budget conflict
    Financial Times, 11/30/2005

    Ferrenc Gyurcsany, the Hungarian prime minister, yesterday intervened in the dispute over the European Union budget, warning that if wealthy west European states were not generous to the poorer east, they faced the prospect of "the most serious possible conflicts between the different parts of Europe." Gyurcsany is refusing to cut infrastructure investment or social welfare benefits in response to European Commission demands to reduce the country's ballooning budget deficit. [read more]

    Governing MSZP, SZDSZ to field three joint candidates in elections next spring
    MTI, 11/30/2005

    Senior governing Socialist party MSZP and its junior liberal partner SZDSZ will run three joint candidates in the first round of next year's elections, MSZP's chairman said on Wednesday. [read more]

    Hungary GDP rises 4.5% yr/yr in Q3
    Portfolio.hu, 11/29/2005

    The Hungarian economy grew by 4.5% year on year in the third quarter of 2005, according to first estimate figures released by the Central Statistics Office (KSH) on Tuesday. GDP growth in January-September came in at 4.1% in annual terms. [read more]

    Magyar Telekom buys Orbitel for $9.5M
    Associated Press, 11/29/2005

    ET Magyar Telekom, Hungary's biggest telecommunications firm, said Tuesday it had signed an agreement to buy Orbitel, a Bulgarian "next generation" telecommunications and Internet service provider. [read more]

    Another Rumanian Environmental Disaster in Transylvania: Cyanide pollution from local mine risks reaching Hungary
    Bucharest Daily News, 11/28/2005

    A cyanide spill from the Borsa mining exploitation in Maramures County was expected to contaminate the Hungarian section of Tisza River yesterday morning.
    Hungarian authorities were prepared to run measurements and other tests to establish the level of pollution yesterday morning, according to a high-ranked employee in the Hungarian Environment Ministry, Robert Rakics.

    This is the third spill of polluting substances from this region in Rumania into the Tisza in the last five years. The worst incident was reported in 2000, when cyanide and heavy metals were spilled in the Somes River and the Tisza.
    [read more]

    Slovakia ties its currency to euro
    EUobserver, 11/28/2005

    Slovakia has taken a major step towards adopting the euro by entering the
    European Exchange Rate Mechanism earlier than planned. [read more]

    Another Hungarian Institution in Jeopardy (When do we decide to finally unite and pool resources? Is it too late?): Allentown's St. Stephen's Hungarian Roman Catholic Church to be sold

    Eva Juhasz Seibert writes, "As the Allentown diocese flexes its muscles over the sale of St. Stephen's Hungarian Roman Catholic Church, I can't help but notice the similarities. Even as the parishioners were holding a Christmas bazaar, the prospective buyers were getting a tour of the church, without the parishioners' knowledge." [read more]

    Hungary wins first medal ever in World Gymnastics Championships!
    AP / Mercury News, 11/26/2005

    China's Liang Fuliang, whose routine attracted raucous applause from supporters in the local Chinese-Australian community, tied with Hungarian Robert Gal for the bronze medal with 9.587 out of 10. It also was Hungary's first medal in the event. [read more]

    Taoiseach visits Hungary to promote trade links
    Ireland Online, 11/25/2005

    Taoiseach Bertie Ahern will today pay a one-day visit to Hungary to promote trade links with the new EU member state.

    Mr Ahern will jointly launch the Irish Hungarian Business Circle in Budapest with Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany. [read more]

    New site of NATO radar station triggers reservations
    MTI, 11/25/2005

    The government's latest proposal to construct a NATO radar station on Nagy-Tubes Hill near Pecs, in southern Hungary, triggered reservations from the inhabitants of the city. [read more]

    The "first free Hungarian Internet television station,"
    Pesticide / Hirszerzo 11/24/2005

    Árpádhír, will be launched on December 5th, announced the company's president, János Horkovics-Kováts. The editor-in-chief of Árpádhír will be Barna Balog, who last year said that a hand grenade should be thrown into the Parliament. Its target viewers will be Hungarians living in the United States and Australia. [read English excerpt on Pesticide] [read FULL Hungarian artcile on Hirszerzo]

    New Book Review: "Ballad Of The Whiskey Robber," by Julian Rubinstein. The weird and wonderful antics of a Hungarian Sundance Kid
    Independent Online 11/24/2005

    Attila Ambrus grew up in Hungarian-speaking Transylvania in the mid-Eighties, when Romania's brittle despot Nicolae Ceausescu made speaking Hungarian in that disputed border territory an act of sedition. Attila joined a band of desperate church painters, who weren't painters, and worked on churches that didn't need painting. Their spires were the tallest vantage points from which to survey the border. Eventually, suspended beneath two freight cars, Attila crossed into Hungary. [read more] and use the AHF account to [BUY THE BOOK ON AMAZON]

    FIDESZ Gains, Socialists Drop in Hungary Angus Reid Global Scan, 11/23/2005

    The opposition Citizens Party (Fidesz) has extended its lead in Hungary, according to a poll by Gallup. 29 per cent of respondents would support Fidesz—led by former prime minister Viktor Orban—in the next general election. [read more]

    Pollster Median earlier reported the same trend. The main opposition Fidesz party increased its popularity from October's 34 percent to 36 percent in November, while the ruling MSZP party's popularity remained unchanged at 30 percent among all eligible voters [read more]

    Big multinationals pay premium to attract engineering graduates
    MTI, 11/23/2005

    The five most popular companies operating in Hungary among new graduates from Budapest's prestigious University of Technology and Economics are all big multinationals, according to a survey commissioned by the university.

    Business daily Vilaggazdasag reported on Wednesday that the most popular firms Nokia, Audi, GE, Nestle and Siemens were also on the recruitment prowl for people holding fresh engineering diplomas after having expanded their operations in Hungary in line with a series of new investments this year. [read more]

    Australian resists extradition to Hungary over 1944 killing
    Expatica German News, 11/21/2005

    SYDNEY - An 84-year-old Australian fighting extradition to Hungary over an allegation he killed an 18-year-old Jewish civilian when he was a Hungarian army officer in 1944 claims he is too old and frail to fly to Budapest, his son said Monday. [read more]

    Hungarians ponder French Riots
    Budapest Times, 11/21/2005

    ...with Hungary’s population declining even faster than most west European ones, politicians here realise that sooner or later they will have to take a position on the question of immigration. [read more]

    The EU and Hungary - a Pesticide View
    Pesticide, 11/21/2005

    ".And there is also the [Hungary's] historical problem, namely that the Eurocrats we are up against are exactly the type of history buffs likely to know all about Hungary's grand past, and still hold it against us." [read more]

    Hungary: fragile equilibrium to hold for now, but risks keep rising
    JP Morgan 11/21/2005

    Hungary's public sector deficit is to hit 8-10% of GDP in 2006 as the government focuses on parliamentary and local elections, JP Morgan said in its latest EMEA analysis. [read more]

    Alliance of Free Democrats attack church financing in election campaign kick-off
    Budapest Times, 11/21/2005

    Whilst the ruling Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) and the opposition Fidesz fight it out, the Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ) has started its election campaign with a statement against the state’s financing of churches. At a press conference, SZDSZ spokesman Péter Gusztos, said the “feudal privileges” of the churches must be abolished and the treaty with the Vatican reconsidered in this area. [read more]

    Related Story from Pesticide:

    The proposal has some leaders of Hungary's Christian churches in a tizzy, which is not great news, because the membership of the SZDSZ is heavily Jewish. "The SZDSZ proposal is simply an anti-Christian and anti-Catholic provocation," said Bishop András Veres, the secretary of the Hungarian Catholic Conference. [read more]

    Related Story from MTI:

    Liberal party does not want to upset religious believers, says SZDSZ leader. Gusztos reiterated the long-held liberal position that churches should be supported by their members and that financing religious activities as such should not be a government responsibility. [read more]

    US promises to clarify reports on CIA prisons in Europe
    EuObserver, 11/20/2005

    Faced with mounting pressure from the EU, US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice promised on Tuesday to clarify reports that the CIA is running secret prisons in eastern Europe, while using EU airports to transport terror suspects. The Budapest Times earlier [reported on 11/7] that Hungarian government officials deny that a civil aircraft which landed in Budapest in early October had been used by the CIA to transport terrorists to secret interrogation locations. The EU Justice Commissioner suggested [on 11/18] that member states hosting secret CIA jails could face sanctions, including losing the right to vote
    in Brussels. [Read More]

    International flights to Balaton?
    Balaton airport expects to receive new flights
    MTI, 11/18/2005

    The Fly Balaton Airport company has reached an advanced stage of negotiations with low-cost airline companies on launching a new flight between Sarmellek near Lake Balaton and London next April, a business daily said on Friday. [read more]

    Emmerich Kálmán: Ambassador of Operetta
    American Chronicle, 11/18/2005

    “From Vienna to New York comes an ambassador an ambassador who makes music, not politics, his business. His name is Emmerich Kálmán. Together with Franz Lehár and Oscar Straus, he stands in the front rank of the composers of continental musical comedy.... " [read more here] and [here]

    Hungarian politician sentenced for wearing red star at demonstration
    National Post, 11/17/2005

    A senior member of the Hungarian Communist Workers' Party has received a one-year suspended sentence for wearing a red star, the Communist symbol banned under Hungarian law. [read more]

    Hungary real wages up 6.8% yr/yr in January-September
    Budapest Sun, 11/16/2005

    Hungary's gross wages rose by 7.7% year on year in September and net wages went up by 9.2% from a year earlier, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) said. [read more]

    The "Art" of Hungarian diplomacy!
    PM Lashes Out at EU; Almost Uses Curse Words

    Pesticide, 11/16/2005

    The ongoing standoff between Hungary and the European Union over the new EU member's gaping budget deficits may be about to turn much uglier. Responding to criticism about overspending, Hungary's Prime Minister Gyurcsany said, "Hungarians' living standards are much lower than the European average. What the hell would Europe like to have from us?"
    [read more]

    EBRD Calls For Fiscal Steps In Hungary, Pledges Support
    Dow Jones, 11/15/2005

    Hungary is faced with significant macroeconomic imbalances and further fiscal measures are necessary to avoid the destabilization of the economy, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development said. The government forecasts this year's budget deficit at 6.1% of gross domestic product and it sees next year's at 4.7% of GDP. Hungary needs to reduce its budget deficit to about 3% of GDP by 2008 if the country is to achieve the 2010 euro adoption target date. [read more]

    Hungarian Diplomats in the Middle East
    HVG, 11/15/2005

    Ferenc Somogyi, the foreign minister, has led a delegation of Hungarian diplomats to the Middle East. HVG.hu asked László Várkonyi, a deputy state secretary, about the aim of the discussions. [read more]

    Hungary's OTP seeks to acquire UkrSibbank, Ukraine’s No. 5 bank
    Ukrainian Journal Staff Report, 11/14/2005

    OTP Bank, Hungary's largest bank, submitted a binding bid for the purchase of a majority stake in UkrSibbank, Ukraine's fifth biggest bank.
    [read more]

    Vojvodina - The Hungarian Kosovo, by Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.
    Global Politician, 11/13/2005

    In October 2005, Parliamentary Assembly of Europe members tabled a draft resolution castigating the human rights situation in the province of Vojvodina. As EU accession looms larger for Serbia and Montenegro, such resolutions are bound to proliferate. Vojvodina is widely regarded as a test case and the touchstone of Serbia's post-Milosevic reforms. [read more]

    Iraq army receives second-hand Hungarian tanks
    Reuters, 11/12/2005

    Iraq's underequipped new army has received 77 tanks and 36 troop carriers donated by the Hungarian government and NATO, the ministry of defence said on Saturday.
    [read more]

    Book Review: The Siege of Budapest,100 Days in WWII, by Krisztian Ungváry, foreword by John Lukacs.
    Yale University Press (2005)
    Budapest Sun, 11/10/2005

    THE WWII battle for Budapest took 108 days. The Soviet Army lost 80,026 killed and 240,056 wounded. Estimated Hungarian and German casualties were 48,000 dead, 26,000 wounded, and 63,000 taken prisoner. [read more] and use the AHF account to [BUY THE BOOK ON AMAZON]