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- AHF distributes first Disaster Relief Funds to Arpadhon, LA
- AHF spearheads joint statement regarding Diplomatic Disclosures
- AHF reacts to Rumanian Senate rejection of Minority Status Law
- AHF attends Budapest 1956 ceremonies and awards Kiraly Bela

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AHF distributes first of its Disaster Relief Funds. The AHF Disaster Relief Fund targets Hungarian disaster victims, currently those affected by hurricane Katrina and Transylvania flooding. Overall, the fund has taken in $3700.00 for Transylvania and $2000.00 for Katrina. AHF distributed the full $2000.00 to the Arpadhon (Albany, LA) Hungarian Settlement Historical Society to help them rebuild. [read more and GIVE!]

10/28/2005 - AHF spearheads joint letter expressing deep concern over the Hungarian Foreign Ministry’s decision to disclose selected statements taken from classified reports prepared by a former Hungarian Ambassador to the United States in his official capacity.

The Budapest Sun reported: The United States thought Orbán 'unpredictable' telegram says. The US reluctantly found itself dragged into local politics when the Socialists published a summary of telegrams sent from Washington to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry by a former Ambassador to the States, Géza Jeszenszky. The messages were sent in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the States, and controversial comments made by István Csurka, leader of the far right Hungarian Justice and Life Party (MIÉP), claiming that the US had brought the attacks on itself. [read more and see the joint statement], [read the Budapest Sun article] or [see ALL AHF news stories]

10/24/2005 - Rumanian Senate rejects minority status law. AHF Issues Strong Statement. Rumanian Senator Paunescu's earlier statement telling Hungarians to "return to the depths of Asia" on September 29th (see the report from MTI) during senate debate on the law has even led the Rumanian government to express concern over nationalist movement in the Senate. The ultra-nationalist Greater Rumania Party senator Gheorghe (George) Funar and conservative senators Ion Iliescu and Adrian Paunescu led the opposition to the measure despite appeals to Western European democratic values and previous commitments by senators György (George) Frunda and Béla Markó.

AHF issued a statement (in Hungarian) which was read on Marosvasarhelyi Radio in Transylvania. [read more and see the article in Hungarian: A Szenátus elutasította a kisebbségi törvény tervezetét]

The Corvin Koz: Hallowed ground of 195610/23/2005 - AHF's Dr. Emery Imre Toth attends the 1956 Revolution commemorations in Budapest. Events included a memorial at the famed Corvin Koz and a 1956 Grand Celebration at the Budapest Opera House.

AHF's Dr. Emery Imre Toth awards Bela Kiraly the Col. Michael Kovats Medal of FreedomAHF would later present Gen. Bela Kiraly with its Col. Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of Freedom. Bela Kiraly was Commander-in-Chief of the Budapest National Defense Force during the ill-fated 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Bela Kiraly is also one of AHF's newest members. [read more]

10/21/2005 - Highly Successful 1956 Commemoration, Congressional Reception and awards ceremony!

11/03/2005: Update - A special thank you to all those who contributed to the event! See the list!

Frank Koszorus presents Cong. Tom Tancredo with AHF's Col. Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of FreedomAHF kicked off a year of events devoted to remembering the heroes of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution at it's Congressional Reception held on October 19, 2005. Congressmen Tom Lantos (D-CA) and Tom Tancredo (R-CO) were awarded the American Cong. Tom Lantos addresses the audience after receiving AHF's Col. Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of FreedomHungarian Federation’s Col. Commandant Michael Kovats Medal of Freedom for their “Leadership in Support of Democracy, Human Rights and Minority Rights in Central and Eastern Europe.” Col. Kovats was a founding father of the US Cavalry. [Read More]

Disaster Relief Wall of Honor

AHF Disaster Relief FundWe've broken the $5000.00 mark! Who is giving to the Disaster Relief Fund? AHF would like to publicly say "thank you." Click here to see and then join us to help our community!

Featured Member

SPECIAL NEWS: AHF's Dr. Imre Toth, who, with his wife Zsuzsa, produced AHF's remarkable 1956 mini-documentary, received the Golden Diploma from the Eõtvös Lorand University in honor of 50 years of professional excellence. Dr. Toth is a 1956 hero and last surviving Secretary of the Revolutionary Committee for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Imre Nagy Government. Read more about him on [Featured Members]

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AP correspondent Endre Marton dies
Associate Press, 11/2/2005

Endre Marton, The Associated Press correspondent who provided the first eyewitness account of the bloody 1956 Hungarian uprising against communist rule, died Tuesday at his daughter's home in New York. His exclusive, front-page story, some 2,000 words long, appeared in newspapers around the world. It began this way: "Parliament Square in Budapest became a battlefield shortly after noon today when a Soviet tank opened fire on a few thousand peaceful demonstrators whose only weapons were Hungarian flags." He was 95. [read more]

Communist Youth Leader Gyurcsány against Fidesz
Magyar Nemzet (MNO), 11/2/2005

"Viktor Orbán had a promising role in the great changes of 1989-90', Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány has said recently in the parliament. But while a leader of the Communist Youth League he had different thoughts according to the documents in the possession of Magyar Nemzet. According to MNO sources, Gyurcsány regarded Fidesz as a hostile organization that could "not be integrated." [read more]

BBC Hungarian-language service to be scrapped
Budapest Business Journal, 11/2/2005

Hungarians will soon be listening for the last time to BBC radio broadcasts in their own language, as the British Foreign Office-funded programmes in most central and eastern European countries are being scrapped to divert funding to a new Arab television network being set up in 2007 to compete with Al-Jazeera, national daily Népszava reported. [read more]

CSARDAS, "The Tango of the East" featuring the Budapest Ensemble tour the US.

Over 200 years ago, in the mysterious villages of Transylvania, the rocky Carpathian Mountains and the rolling plains of Hungary, a thrilling new dance fashion called the "CSÁRDÁS" was blossoming. Its fiery passion inspired a cultural genesis that would entrance the hearts of Hungarians and Slovaks and their neighbors - Romanians, Poles, Croatians - and radically change the way the world danced. [See Tour Itinerary]

Hungarian-language School attendance doubles for Hungarian children in the Csangolands.
www.Erdely.ma, 11/2/2005

Tavalyihoz képest megkétszerezodött az iskolában hetente háromszor magyar órákat látogató csángó gyermekek száma a Bákó megyei falvakban, ennek ellenére jóval zaklatottabb hangulatban indult a tanév a moldvai magyarok számára. [read more]

Hungary: Remote front line in the war on bird flu
The Observer (UK), 10/30/2005

In a small laboratory in a Budapest suburb, scientists are developing a vaccine which could prevent a global pandemic [read more]

Hungary summons Iranian ambassador
IranMania, (UK) 10/29/2005

The Hungarian government summoned Tehran's ambassador to Budapest to protest remarks by the Iranian hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calling for Israel to be "wiped off the map," foreign ministry spokesman Viktor Polgar said. [read more]

Pravda publishes attack on Hungary entitled, "Little-known European state to trouble quiet 'Old Europe'"
Pravda, 10/27/2005

Though rightly calling attention to the fact that "every fourth ethnic Hungarian lived outside Hungary by the beginning of the 21st century," the article puts blame on Hungary and calls former Prime Minister Viktor Orban a "revenge-seeker" and "key disturber in Eastern Europe" [read more]

FIDESZ Lead Down to Two Points
Angus Reid GLobal Scan, 10/24/2005

The opposition Citizens Party (Fidesz) maintains a slight advantage in Hungary, according to a poll by Gallup. 27 per cent of respondents would vote for Fidesz—led by former prime minister Viktor Orban—in the next general election. [read more]

Gyurcsany attacking the diplomacy pursued by the opposition when it held power.
Budapest Sun, 10/17/2005

The timing of the visit could not have been better for the PM as it was an excellent fit with his strategy. In September, Gyurcsány set out on an offensive to paint himself as a “responsible and brave statesman” while at the same time, accusing the opposition Fidesz-Hungarian Civic Alliance and its leader, Viktor Orbán, of practising “cowardly, opportunistic weathervane politics.” The Socialists are on a smile offensive with America.

Thanks, protesters...

It worked in the PM’s favour that his visit was greeted by protests from representatives of Hungarian right-wing groups living in America. This gave him an excuse to bring up the subject of Fidesz and its links with far-right activists, without this seeming forced. [read more]

Does Bush and the Conservatives really favor Gyurcsany and the Socialists?
Pesticide, 10/17/2005

Pesticide explores the idea with a biting article filled with its typical toungue-in-cheek sarcasm in an article entitled, "Bush and Gyurcsány: The Secret White House Tapes, Part II" Recent Diplomatic disclosures offer more insights. [read more]

Hungarians should "return to the depths of Asia" - Rumanian Senator Paunescu
10/6/2005 - Budapest Sun

MINISTERS of Romania's largest ethnic Hungarian party faced nationalistic and chauvinistic abuse during a parliamentary debate on Romania's minority law, MTI reported.

According to reports in Krónika, a Transylvanian newspaper, the anti-Hungarian attacks were delivered by Social Democratic Party (PSD) MPs Ion Iliescu and Adrian Paunescu, and from Cluj mayor Gheorge Funar of the extreme nationalist Party of Romanian National Unity. Paunescu told Hungarians should "return to the depths of Asia," while Funar said the minority law would hinder Romania's European Union accession, the paper reported.

Béla Markó, leader of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (RMDSz) expressed disappointment at Funar's comments but said they "had not come as a surprise." It was, one MP lamented, a return to the rhetoric of the '90s. [see the article]