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2/5/2005 - Banned Trianon Documentary makes it's way to the Internet for download and viewing!

Those interested in viewing the controversial film that was banned by the Rumanian AND the Hungarian governments, can now view the film on the Web. Directed by the renowned Gábor Koltay and with internationally respected historians such as Nemeskürti and Raffai, the film has and will continue to spark critical debate. AHF encourages open debate on Trianon and encourages all to review the film - unfortunately this site offers the film in Hungarian only. [Go to film]
NOTE: The site has the film's 13 parts out of 14. To view, just LEFT click on any portion. Once there, you can view it from your Browser or save it. To save that portion, RIGHT click the small yellow symbol (100/k) and "Save target as" to your hard drive.

Did President Bush's inaugural address indicate a change in US attitude toward support for national self-determination and autonomy?

"Across the generations, we have proclaimed the imperative of self-government..."Freedom, by its nature, must be chosen, and defended by citizens, and sustained by the rule of law and the protection of minorities." [Read his speech]

AHF applauds such language and hopes these words can be made policy for ethnic Hungarian communities struggling for survival.

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NGO CALLS FOR ACTION ON KOSOVA'S INDEPENDENCE... The International Crisis Group (ICG) said in a 40-page report released in Prishtina, Belgrade, and Brussels on 24 January that "either 2005 will see the start of a final status solution that consolidates peace and development, or Kosovo may return to conflict and generate regional instability." AHF is calling for international attention on the Vojvodina province in Serbia-Montenegro where anti-Hungarian violence continues. [more]

2/2/2005 - The Violence continues: Six-member Hungarian family slain in Vojvodina

(AP) Six members of a Hungarian family were brutally killed in adjoining homes in a northern Serbian town on the border with Hungary, radio B-92 reported Wednesday. The bodies were found Tuesday in the family's adjoining homes in the town of Horgos, after neighbors noticed the houses were unusually quiet. A local court judge, Snjezana Lekovic, confirmed the killing, but police gave no official statement on the case. Horgos lies in Serbia's northern Vojvodina province that has recently seen a rise in attacks against the region's minority ethnic Hungarians. [more] [see all AHF news]

Kasza and Bugar Sign Declaration1/11/2005 -
The Szabadka Initiative: AHF signs joint declaration
of the Szabadka Initiative by ethnic Hungarian political parties and human rights organizations from successor states in an appeal to the Hungarian Government for more coherent support, coordinated planning, and dual citizenship.

AHF was among the fifteen organizations from Europe, North America, and Latin America that met January 5-6, 2005 in Szabadka/Subotica (Vajdaság/Vojvodina, Serbia-Montenegro) to join forces in persuading the Government of the Republic of Hungary to coordinate with them its efforts to assist ethnic Hungarians living as national minorities in Romania, Slovakia, Serbia-Montenegro, Ukraine, Croatia, and Slovenia. [more] [see all AHF news]

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AHF in the News

AHF member causes quite a stir in response to "Happy little old Hungarian lady" article:
Re: "Autonomy" trips response, Volume 11, Number 3, January 24-January 30, 2005 - Slovak Spectator

Response to: "I believe they [the Hungarian minority in Southern Slovakia] have cultural autonomy." says Bryan Reynolds in the UK. [See AHF responses and more] OR
[See original article]

Other International News

Hungary's grandest museum
to be renovated

Big News Network.com Friday 4th February, 2005 (UPI)

The Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, one of the world's finest museums when it opened in 1906, will undergo complete renovation of its galleries.

The facelift will do away with Communist-era lighting and heating, and add an underground extension like that of the Louvre in Paris, it was announced Thursday by it new director, Laszo Baan. [more]

Tolerance Campaign Launched in Vojvodina
Kathimerini English Paper, Athens Greece - 2/5/2005

Hungary and Serbia agreed yesterday to launch a joint tolerance campaign aimed at stamping out tension and hostility between ethnic minorities in the two countries, officials said. The campaign featuring economic, cultural and educational programs will kick off in May with a youth camp in the northern Serbian town of Subotica, which has a large Hungarian population, Hungarian Parliamentary Speaker Katalin Szili said. (AP)

Hungarian Conservatives Get Eight Point Lead
Centre for Public Opinion & Democracy (
CPOD), 2/4/2005

The conservative Citizens Party (Fidesz) is the top political organization in Hungary, according to a poll by Gallup. 28 per cent of respondents would vote for the opposition Fidesz in the next general election, a three per cent increase since December. [more]

Sylvia Plachy: 'Falling in love with the truth' [BDSz - Plachy is a world-renowned photographer and mother of Academy Award (Oscar) Winner Adrien Brody of "the Pianist" - see her and more Famous Hungarians]
The Christian Science Monitor, 2/4/2005

NEW YORK – On Dec. 10, 1956, exactly one month after Soviet troops crushed the last hopes of the Hungarian Revolution, 13-year-old Sylvia Plachy lay hidden in a farm cart that was carrying her toward the Austrian border. [more]

Hungary Suzuki unit to boost output in 2005/2006
Reuters, 2/4/2005

ESZTERGOM, Hungary - The Hungarian unit of Japanese car maker Suzuki Motor Corp. said on Friday it would increase output to 150,000 units in 2005 from 95,000 last year [more]

New Wave of Slovakian workers
in Hungary

Budapest Sun, February 3, 2005 - Volume XIII, Issue 5

A NEW wave of Slovakian migrant workers are being employed by Hungarian companies in Gyôr-Moson-Sopron county and their numbers are expected to increase in the foreseeable future, as unemployment in Slovakia remains high.[more]

Hungary's ex-insiders want
spy files opened

Chicago Tribune - 2/3/2005

BUDAPEST, Hungary - (KRT) - Time has passed, but the obsession remains: Hungarians are scrapping over the spies who dwell among them.

In the latest battle to pry open secret police files saved after the collapse of communism, the protectors of truth hail from the least likely corner of Hungarian politics. The Socialists, the government's leading party, which harbors members of the former regime, called last month for full access to all files. [more]

Hungarian Minority in Romania: Agreement on Sharing Governing and EU Integration Experiences
Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation - 2/3/2005

DAHR President and Deputy Prime Minister Béla Markó received Slovak Deputy Prime Minister Pál Csáky and his delegation. Csáky drew attention to the importance of meeting the conditions required by the EU before accession and he added: „Rumania’s 2007 accession is the grandest and at the same time the most difficult task, in the realization of which the DAHR has undertaken an important role.” [more]

Finnish electronics company Elcoteq will invest euro 54 million in Hungary Expansion
Associated Press 01.31.2005, 10:09 AM

Finnish electronics company Elcoteq will invest euro54 million to expand production capacity at its Hungarian subsidiary, officials said Monday. The expansion, to be completed by 2008, will create 700 new jobs, Economics Minister Janos Koka said.

Elcoteq, which makes mobile phones and other equipment on an outsourcing basis for customers like Nokia Corp. and LM Ericsson, launched its Hungarian operations in 1998 in the city of Pecs, 200 kilometers (125 miles) south of Budapest. [more on Forbes]

Hungary agree on joint Euro 2012 bid with Croatia
The Star Online, 1/31/2005

BUDAPEST: Hungary will make a joint bid with Croatia to host the 2012 European Championship after the country’s Cabinet gave its approval, the Hungarian Football Association (HFA) announced on Friday. [more]

Construction of giant sound stage to begin in Hungary in July
MacLean's - January 28, 2005

BUDAPEST (AP) - The construction of a new film studio, including what is said will be the world's largest sound stage, is expected to start in early July in a village close to Budapest, officials said Friday.

Hungarian-born Hollywood producer Andy Vajna and local construction mogul Sandor Demjan last year announced plans to build the complex on a former army base in the Hungarian village of Etyek, 30 kilometres southwest of Budapest. [more]

T-Mobile Hungary to build next generation 3G mobile network
www.forbes.com, Tuesday, January 25th

Swedish telecomms solutions provider Ericsson said on Tuesday (25 January) that it had signed a contract with the Hungarian mobile operator T-Mobile Hungary to build a 3G (UMTS) network in Hungary.

Under the agreement Ericsson would supply radio access network and core network systems, including related network roll-out services. Ericsson would be the sole supplier of T-Mobile Hungary's 3G network.

Hungary cuts key interest rate
Business Day, South Africa, Tuesday January 25th

The Hungarian central bank reduced its key interest rate by half a percentage point, from 9.5 to 9.0%, the bank said in a statement posted on its website.
The cut, which was widely expected by the market, was the fourth reduction in a row in four months and comes after a steady decline in inflation in the second half of 2004. [more]

"Autonomy" trips response: Comment by Hungarian PM heats up Slovak-Hungarian debate
Slovak Spectator, Monday, January 24th

SLOVAK President Ivan Gašparovic, Prime Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda and Speaker of Parliament Pavol Hrušovský rejected the idea of "autonomy" in a joint meeting on January 17.

The official announcement came after Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány of Hungary said that for ethnic Hungarians living abroad the notion of autonomy would be a better solution than dual citizenship. [more]

However, the Slovak National Party (SNS), being true to its history of xenophobia and against what its representatives call "the Hungarian threat", demanded that the Slovak parliament unite and oppose Hungarian efforts of irredentism and autonomy. [more]

Hungarian pilots Start Gripen Training
FMV Swedish Defence Procurement Agency, Jan 24th

The first Hungarian pilots have arrived in Sweden to start their Gripen conversion training. The first five Hungarian pilots, who will undergo conversion training to Gripen has arrived in Sweden today. For the next year, they will be based at the Swedish Air Force F7 Wing at Satenas. [more]

Building bridges: Hungarians helping Rumanians to join the EU
By Duncan Welch, Budapest Sun, January 20

PRIME Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány says his government will hold joint cabinet meetings annually with Rumania in order to help its neighbor join the European Union and "ease the historic burden" of the two countries' relations. On January 17, the premier met with his Rumanian counterpart Calin Tariceanu in Budapest where they held a joint press conference. [more] Also see more on [Reuters]

Hungarian Business Continues to Expand Outward: will privatize Montenegrin Telecom
Tanjug News Agency, Saturday, January 15, 2005

A Hungarian company which operates within Deutsche Telecom has made the best offer for the privatisation of the Montenegrin Telecom, the Montenegrin government's Privatisation Council said in a statement on Friday.

The statement said that the second best offer was made by the Slovenian Telecom, the third by Telecom Serbia and the fourth by Mobilkom Austria.

Laszlo Drajko joins Graphisoft as Director, International Sales
January 11, 2005

Graphisoft® announces the appointment of László Drajkó as the Director of International Sales. In his role, he will be responsible for managing the independent sales channel globally for ArchiCAD®, and supporting the roll-out of the world’s first 5D Virtual Construction™ solution. [more]

First Roma MEP on a mission
BBC - Tuesday, 11 January 2005

Ms. Jaroka is one of the youngest MEPs. The first Member of the European Parliament of Romany origin, Livia Jaroka, has told the BBC she wants a better deal for Gypsy communities across Europe. Ms Jaroka was elected to the European Parliament when Hungary joined the EU last year.

"I am a representative of the Hungarian people...[more]

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