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115 th American Hungarian Federation Anniversary Celebration

02/27/2023 - The wonderful and patriotic 115 th American Hungarian Federation Anniversary Celebration was held at the Shoemaker Street Hungarian Embassy grounds in DC and held to order by Executive Committee Chair Dr. Horváth István. He introduced Co-President Gyula Elemér Balogh to give the opening toast. Mr. Balogh thanked the host H.E. Hungarian Ambassador to the US Szabolcs Takács for the gracious invitation and asked the over 100 guests to toast the Ambassador.

The event commenced with the singing of the American and Hungarian National anthems, led by Operetta singer Attila Dolhai and the three virtuosos, Ali Lugosi, Zoltan Schwartz, and Soma Balázs-Piri. Mr. Balogh then introduced and thanked the guests who came from as far away as California. He asked Co- President Zsuzsanna Dreisziger who was MC and designed the entire program and invited the majority of the guests, to give her opening remarks and then asked Reverend Judit Mayer to give the opening prayer and blessing which was humble and heart warming.

Ms Dreisziger Stricz then introduced His Excellency Szabolcs Takács who gave a wonderful speech about Hungarians of the past and present and read a moving letter from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, (Video on YouTube) congratulating the Federation on its 115th anniversary. He then thanked Zsuzsanna Dreisziger for her many months of work in preparing this event.

MC Dreisziger then introduced AHF President Dr. Imre Nemeth to give his opening remarks. Following this, MC Dreisziger opened the Celebration of the past sacrifices and works of AHF and Hungarians, performed by Attila Dolha and the three virtuosos.

The performance was interpreted in Hungarian by a moving speech by Father Imre Juhász, and interpreted in English by EC Chair Dr. István Horváth.

The extraordinary performance designed by the musicians and MC Dreisziger (Video on YouTube)

MC Dreisziger then introduced the recipients of the Service awards, which were designed and made in Hungary by her and by a ceramic artist. The participants were given a gift of a movie called Hungarians Thank America created by the non profit foundation called the Amerikaiak a Magyarokért Alapítvány In Hungary, with AHF support, which was put into a leather pouch hand made in Hungary with also contained hand made embroideries.

See Picture Album (3mb PDF)
Awards in order received:
Dr. Thomas R. Hilberth von Dorburg, deceased
Honorable Anikó Gaál Schott
Zsolt Molnár, Director of the Bocskai Radio
Paul Kamenar, AHF General Counsel
Marion Smith, CEO of Common Sense Society

Following the awards, the Virtuosos and Dolhai Attila continued with their extraordinary music. Following this a member of the young Hungarian Americans, Boldizsár Batthyány-Schmidt gave a wonderful talk about the future of the Hungarian Culture and activities. The event ended with the giving of presents to some of the dignitories present, as well as the musicians.

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