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The Hungarian Society of Massachusetts welcomes you. For more information contact Dr. Karoly Balogh at (617) 667-5806. See the official Website for the Society at

Below are the events planned for the Commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

AHF's Gyuri Hollosi's memorial to 1956 in Boston's Liberty Square10/21/2006 - Commemorations began at 2pm at Boston's Liberty Square site of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution Memorial (seen here) by AHF's Gyuri Hollosy whose design is behind the AHF's 1956 National Memorial effort.

Brief commemoration speeches featured Gabor Garai, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Hungary in Boston, Karoly Balogh, President, Hungarian Society of Massachusetts, followed by a poem by Gyula Illyes' "A Sentence About Tyranny" by Judy Van de Geer. Organizers layed a wreath in Memory of the Heroes as participants sung the Hungarian National Anthem and then listened to Taps.

At 3pm, famed Faneuil Hall was the site for a large commemorative event. Participants were greeted by Gabor Garai Dr. Karoly Balogh followed by the Commemorative Speech given by John Lukacs (Professor, Chestnut Hill College). The musical program featured Stephen and Beatrice Erdely (violin and piano) playing
Bela Bartok's First Rhapsody and Zoltan Kodaly's Adagio. " Mrs. Lee Carter recited Illyes's "A Sentence About Tyranny." AHF's Laszlo Gardony (piano) performed "Revolution," his original composition in honor of 1956. The Adult Choir of First Parish in Concord (Elizabeth Norton, Director of Music) presented "Forr a vilag bus tengere, o magyar" and the evening closed with the singing of the Hungarian National Anthem.

Boston was very active. Dr. Gabor Garai had earlier created am exhibition about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution in Downtown Boston's Prudential Center who agreed to provide a well-trafficked area for the display. Congratulations to the Boston Hungarians, Gabor Garai, Karoly Balogh and all those who worked to make these events a success. AHF is proud you are part of the family!

Exhibition on 1956 Hungarian Revolution in downtown Boston's Prudential Center

Dr. Gabor Garai, Honorary Hungarian Consul in Boston, is planning and exhibition that aims to educate the public about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Downtown Boston's Prudential Center agreed to provide a well-trafficked area for the display. Plans include a photo exhibit. For more information, contact the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Hungary, at or



Saturday, October 21, 2006


  • Brief commemoration speech
  • Recital of the poem by Gyula Illyés, "A Sentence About Tyranny"
  • Laying of wreath in memory of the Heroes

FANEUIL HALL - 3: 00 P.M. (The program is about 90 minutes long)

  • American National Anthem Greetings and Brief Addresses
  • Commemorative Speech by Professor John Lukacs
  • Musical Program
    Prof. Stephen and Beatrix Erdely
    Laszlo Gardony
    Adult Choir of First Parish in Concord
  • Hungarian National Anthem



Szombaton, 2006. október 21.-én


  • Ünnepélyesen megkoszorúzzuk az 1956-os Forradalom szobrát
    ( esõben is )
  • Rövid beszéd (Balogh Károly) után Ms.Van de Geer (Vadnai Judit) felolvassa
    Illyés Gyula "Egy mondat a zsarnokságról" c. versét angolul

FANEUIL HALL 3:00 p.m. (Az ünnepség kb. másfél órás)

  • Rövid üdvözletek után ünnepi beszédet mond Professor John Lukacs
  • Zenei mûsor
    Prof. Steven és Beatrix Erdely
    Laszlo Gardony
    Adult Choir of First Parish of Concord

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